1. @JT

    Re-Issue Re-Package Re-Evaluate The Songs 3xLP

    “500 pressed, only to be sold at the Glasshouse show…any extra $ from the sales of this will go to charity. These things cost an arm and a leg to make. Dave Mandel made this all happen, and it was Aram’s (Champion/Betrayed) idea. It is Both Albums, all the singles and comps and an unreleased live song from 95. The song was only played at our last two shows in 95. Nobody outside those shows has heard it, as the video was never released from the show this was recorded. Is it the best recording of this song? No, but it is the only one that exists, so we decided it would be cool to have it on this special release. This song was the last one we ever wrote…” – R Moran

  2. “only to be sold at the Glasshouse show”

    So I am guessing this will be available at the Cali show and not in Chicago? Bummer.

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