Earth Crisis – To The Death 05.05.09

“Repulsed by all that I see
Waves break over me
Everlasting loyalty
Straight edge
In contrast
To the conscious corpses
That drift lifeless past
Keep my head above the surface”

– Against The Current


  1. Let’s keep shit somewhat real, JT you are correct BUT let’s read the lyrics to Judas Iscariot, Graveland or Bone Awl and I will promise the same, but based completely in fantasy…

  2. fair enough. in trying to find some media of the new earth crisis incarnation i turned to youtube. there was a video of the geraldo show where they were talking about some reno sxe kids who killed some kid. they had karl on there for the sxe perspective and he just seemed really bewildered and confused and unable to communicate. he wasnt even able to condemn what had happened. granted, geraldo was acting like a prick and a fool and thinking sxe was some kind of unified group like the republican party or something, but it was pretty clear what a rational, thoughtful person would have said in this situation. the point of the story is, i thought it must have been from like 1993 or something, because karl seemed to have a really ’13 year old boy’ mentality about the situation. it only took me a few minutes to realize that this was a fairly recent video, which was pretty sad.

  3. gray

    earth crisis ceased to exist after the first 7″, because why on earth would you care to hear from them beyond that point? the band was simply a platform for a manifesto, a product of that particular time no less. they got the point across in those songs, atop some of the most dunder-headed riffs ever conceived (the chugga chugga never quite recovered), and they should have dipped out right after.
    should of.
    making a career out of rehashing the same two lyrical ideas is tough (be it veganism, sxe, satanism, flower power, volleyball, whatever), but to do so with such little panache as earth crisis has done for ten years, is a travesty. makes you want to go get earth crisis tattooed across your face.

  4. i would have said through ‘destroy the machines.’ they lost me after that, i expected them to follow up with something that sounded like Asphyx, not Korn. To me though, if you wanted good lyrics at that time, you listened to Chokehold.

  5. Guav

    “earth crisis ceased to exist after the first 7”
    I guess the entire worldwide hardcore scene of the 90’s failed to get that memo.

    “because why on earth would you care to hear from them beyond that point?”
    Ask the thousands of kids in every country on the planet—they apparently saw something in the band that you did not. Maybe they liked their “platform” or agreed with their “manifesto”? Wacky concept, I know.

    Imagine those fools, listening to a band that didn’t even exist!

  6. Guav

    I knew them in 1993.

    “Idolized” was hyperbole, but I believe there was a somewhat recent interview with one of the guys (Logan?) where they mentioned what a large influence Earth Crisis was on them, both musically and lyrically.

    Just sayin’.

  7. i believe that, it would be silly to say i didn’t ‘learn’ something from them as well, it just seemed like chokehold’s lyrics ran a broader gambit from criticism of media sedation to atheism to criticism of anti-choice voices in the hardcore scene. i disagree with gray on the riffage though, if he doesn’t want to spin around in circles listening to ‘the order that shall be’ then he has gotten too old to comment.

  8. gray

    that’s funny that the argument made to justify earth crisis’ continued existence is that “thousands of kids in every country on the planet” liked them. i suppose being popular within a fairly miniscule subculture does validate one’s art, that would explain skrewdriver too. people seemed to like them pretty well.

    my point was that earth crisis is/was so one dimensional, and that they based all their songs on two topic, so you really only need to hear two songs, and then, viola, you’ve just heard all you’re ever going to hear from them. fun.

    if you want to listen to a band play rudimentary metal/hardcore and bark about animal rights and straight edge all day, more power to you, i guess that just sounds a little boring and redundant to me. but hey, i sold out, so who gives a shit what i think right?

    let the round-ups begin.

    kron, i probably am too old to comment on this topic, or to even care about earth crisis in this day and age, and to be honest, i don’t, i hadn’t given much thought to them until this post. i felt the need to call you out on your terrible listening habits, and didn’t mean to offend the pride of syracuse.

    jawk tawk!

  9. I guess I am confused by Gray’s logic…
    Skrewdriver was a band that really did exist. Are you trying to discount artistic movements that only appeal to a small subset with that statement? I love the polarized rhetoric.

    I think the real flaw is the claim that
    “X does not exist after the point were I am not interested any more.”

  10. gray’s logic is flawed inherently by the prosecution that i listen to bad music, when everyone jawktalkin’ knows that to be an untruth.

  11. gray

    dude, you know better than that.
    i am saying that popularity does not equal valid art.
    case in point, earth crisis was popular and they sucked. skrewdriver was popular and they sucked. new kids on the block were popular and they sucked.
    see? being “popular” (to whatever degree) does not justify your existence.

    i was never interested in earth crisis. that’s the truth. i thought they were pretty stupid from the get go. certainly i joked about “firestorm” as much as the next dogmatic asshole, but the reality was that their music is trivial and the lyrics are overly simplistic, faux biblical, and inflammatory for the sake of being confrontational. i’m guilty of listening to stupid music, back then, and today, so i’m not one to make fun of earth crisis for being “dumb”. whatever to that.

    so my point isn’t about me, it’s about writing the same song over and over. it’s boring. do you really listen to new earth crisis, or if you get the urge to hear the band do you go back and listen to their early material?

    i stand corrected though, earth crisis, as carbon based life forms did, and still do exist. sorry for the confusion.

    you’re the king of polarized rhetoric. plus, you know the value of “black and white”, it’s the way you (and I) have always lived our lives. yes, it is short sighted and immature, but it has a certain romantic “cut through the bullshit” quality about it. i mean shit, we’re talking about fucking earth crisis, how much more polarizing can you get?!

  12. gray

    yeah i know…hello pot, meet kettle.

    but, you’ve worn hats with more inflammatory language than i’ve used today, so on those merits alone, i have the moral high ground. shit, you’ve had more titular phrases tattooed inside your mouth!

    and for jt…the jawktawkers know the score, they know that dungeons and dragons racist ass shit you listen to is weak! weak!

  13. do i need to whip out my 3cd set of grayven von himmelhoch’s digital dungeon of blackness to make sure it was all posi-black-metal?

    what a satisfying day of jawk talk.

  14. Guav

    Gray, I was simply pointing out how ridiculous your declaration that “Earth Crisis ceased to exist” after the first 7″ was.

    I mean if your only point was that you personally did not like them and in your opinion they were not valid “art,” then that’s what you should have said. And I wouldn’t have had a thing to say to you, because to say that Earth Crisis (or Skrewdriver, or NKOTB) “sucks” is entirely subjective—it’s your opinion and you’re welcome to it.

    Instead you made a completely absurd and pompous-sounding statement, and I responded to it as such.

  15. Erik Warner

    What’s up Guav. The new Earth Crisis cd pounds. Lyrically, musically. They’re more relevant than ever. That is all.

  16. Yeah whatever I’ve liked earth crisis just because of the music since the get go and gasp!……..I’m not edge but they do help daily decision immensely. I’m a huge a fan. Could we lose the elitist pretension in this scene or is that what it’s about nowadays? Everything is very good on the new one. Best recording quality they’ve ever had.

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