Forever21 ripsoff Minor Threat / Dischord

Went to the mall the other night with Jayme and and while snooping around in the men’s section of Forever21, she noticed this appalling ‘clever dude’ catastrophe. Straight up ripoff. Slapped a Minor Threat logo on (without permission) some terrible clip art and sell it for $15, but who the fuck is buying these things?

I did not include a link to the actual shirt as I don’t want to encourage anyone to actually purchase this horrorshow


  1. baby j

    I’m going to actually throw up in my mouth if I really see this on someone..

    I can’t image who would think anything about that shirt is a good idea..

  2. I don’t allow anonymous commenting as it prevents spam and it keeps that message board name calling and “I’m gonna talk shit with no consequences” environment at bay, but I got an anonymous comment from someone in Kentucky and thought I would share…

    “This shirt is the exact opposite of everything minor threat and punk rock is about. On the other hand, shopping at the men’s section of forever 21 is fucking hardcore. All the coolest vegan straightedge kids I know hang out at the fucking local mall. I am laughing at you right now.”

    Who knew Don Rickles had a computer…

  3. gray

    is the “men’s section” of Forever 21 an oxymoron?

    that being said, i will never deny Jawk’s right to stomp the fuck out of whatever mall gets in his way! to Bath and Body Works post haste, I must replenish my granny smith apple scent supplies!

    hail jawk!

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