Shutting Down…

Next time I fire this thing up I will be on the West Coast


  1. remember you were telling me about your blog – i forgot we added it to google reader and now i get to keep up with all your fun adventures in Cali!!!! So excited for you – you’re going to have such amazing opportunities out there… Don’t worry – i’ll still have a million obnoxious questions for you! Don’t think you’re off the hook that easy kid 🙂

    hope you warned glen!!!! safe travels friend…

  2. Welcome back to the ‘nerd. I bet you’re in severe withdrawal on that 2 day drive. Best of luck out there, my brother. Maybe me and Jules will make a little vacation out there and drop in and hump on your bed again. Be safe, enjoy yourself. I love you.

  3. good luck with everything. Hopefully I’ll come out there sometime and visit. be safe travelling. The views going through Utah and Nevada are amazing.

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