A few days ago I get a myspace message from Gavin Glenn of
Naked Angels / Line Drive:

“Jawk… true til Jeff. Did you hear that the dude who replaced me in Naked Angels, during the “intent to kill 7″,killed his mom and hid her in the backyard shed?”

So obviously I instantly launch Gray an e-mail inquiring more about this. Here is what he had to say:

“That story about the dude from Naked Angels is in fact, true. Little known tidbit of history…I was hearing rumor that there was an ex-drummer of Shelter living in the Krishna compound near Winston-Salem (holla!), so I did some reconnaissance and tracked his ass down on the farm. At the time we were putting Line Drive together and I wanted an alternate to G-$, so I figured, “what the hell”. Turns out, Kavin (his name) was in and out of mental institutions (go figure) all his life, and turned to Krishna as a means to circumnavigate the stormy waters of mental illness. Long story short, I convinced him to move back to W-S (holla!) where he again ended up in the mental ward of the hospital (where Noel and Rob-R would have to sign him out for their tours) and he then eventually murdered his mother and hid her body.
Does that make me guilty of some type of involuntary manslaughter?”



  1. gray

    if you ever want to hear other historical tidbits of WSxHC lore let me know…like the time my girlfriend got bruised up by being thrown down the stairs of Rob-R-Rock’s second floor apartment after Rob’s girlfriend busted the two of them “doing it”? that one stings on a couple different levels.
    or, how about the time my mother yells down the stairs to me, “honey, there’s a ‘Sam McPheeters’ on the phone for you”? ahh, the glorious pre-internet days when you called a band’s phone number off the back of a 7″ to book a show, and they actually called you back (and end up talking to your mom).

  2. I will have to find the picture of Sam McPheeters asleep on the floor of my room in his sleeping bag that I took in 1991…

    “all i know about WS is that the adults there cant read olde english.”

    True. Gray was such a pussy, everyone knows this…

  3. gray

    hey! take it easy! it was jeff simms who was bristling at the thought of you wearing a “Hard As Fuck” baseball cap into his parent’s home (olde english font or otherwise, i did agree that it was off-color at best). my pussy-ness is still up for debate.

    happy new year.

  4. Well this was written almost two years ago, so I doubt either one of the oldsters posting here will respond.

    I just wanted to say for the record…. Gray saying shit like that about his own ex-girlfriend is wack. We should talk about that shit in private, dude. No reason to try to hide behind the veil of old scene shit-talking.

    Check out my fucking new shit and give me a call.


    Rob /

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