1. gray

    uhhhhhh…is that the same The Eagles, “Love Will Keep Us Alive” on your playlist, that might also be on my father’s blog’s playlist (www.whichoneofyoumotherfuckersatemylastdoughnut.com)? what’s happening to you?

  2. you may also notice that he has listened to 206 septic death songs this week. at least it wasnt a song off of the NEW eagles album.

  3. gray

    I worry about Jeff all the time, but when I see Septic Death or Samhain being played over 100 times each per week…I know he is at least alive. When I see Eagles, i can only assume his home is currently being burgled, he is duct-taped to a chair, and sodomized by a Frank Kozik ceramic figurine. It’s a terrifying image.

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