Soldiers & Airports…

…this is what Rollins has to talk about? I love(/hate) the guy… but it’s almost embarrassing to watch him on his quest to stay relevant with long winded diatribes, peppered with “curse” words, that go on longer that a bad MADtv skit…
At least Billy Bragg was on tonight.

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  1. gray

    that’s funny you mention this particular episode, because it’s only the second time i have seen the show, and this was the one i managed to stay awake for. i tried talking to megan about it the next day because it was so painful to watch rollins praise firemen and soldiers for being “heroes”, and then get into an inapproprately “intense” discussion with steve buscemi.

    i guess rollins operates on one speed and one speed only, which is that faux intensity, and at this point in his life (and i suppose mine) it just seems forced and phoney.

    ever since that dude tried his hand at stand up, he’s really become completely irrelevant.

    p.s. – i had a dream with mike mowery in it last night…he was busting on atlanta for being “fake”, he even had it written on the shirt he was wearing, but that’s all i remember.

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