Le Sportsac x Qee

Le Sportsac has introduced a line featuring the art of TOKIDOKI on bags, each comes with a Qee, Dalek did one. Jessika and I went to go get one for her. It’s odd to go into Lord & Taylor and see Dalek Qee’s. The bags are fucking awesome…

5 Responses to “Le Sportsac x Qee”

  1. apt13.com Says:

    someday i fear this stuff is just gonna become trite and fucking boring. oops, it just did.


    i don’t even think japanese kids buy this stuff anymore.

  2. matt miller Says:

    yo jawk
    i saw one of the dalek natas decks at a shop the other day
    theyre around 80 bones
    let me know if you want me to pick one up for ya

  3. Neighbor Says:

    One year he was collecting Xmen figures, the next it was Spawn, then it was Star Wars reissues, then it’s all this Qee and Dalek stuff. Now Jeff is collecting womens handbags, figures from a guy who wears womens jeans.

  4. Jeff J Jawk Says:

    The Lee Riders were Men’s jeans…

  5. tony Says:

    neighbor with the burn.

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