More Atlanta Madness…

Neighbor has been rooting through all his old photos… today’s find is of me in about 1996 selling my zine at some show. I believe this show is at the Buford Civic Center. Things of note in this picture: My sweet sweater vest, sick chin strap, the lack of tattoos on my fore arms, the One Life Crew shirt on the kid I am talking too, the headless Billy Cole in his Uniform Choice shirt.

A fucking CLASSIC! Regecide destroying lives at the I Defy House. Judging from the amount or neck armor and lack of tattoos I am going to say this is 1995. Contrary to what you may think I do not now or have never supported the Arkansas Razor Backs. Gray and Mathis rage. Some notable dudes pictured including Will Greene (flipping gray off), Mike C-Town, Matt NorthPoint (Buddy Holly glasses and backpack), Claytheist, Marcus Lowe (rocking a Judas Priest shirt), Justin McKnight of Justice (bracing for the mosh), Scott MC (hockey mask and stick).


  1. in the I Defy pics i see Brad (i think that is his name…next to Mike C-Town) who i skated with a few times. in the uncropped pic i see Dave Simpson in the far left, who went to North Gwinnett with us and was in a ska band called Brumski. what he’s doing watching Regicide is kinda strange, but times were different back then.

  2. gray

    not pictured: 2 dead squirrels – one crucified to an upside down cross (Inverted Crawford) and one attached to a rope with a cape around its neck (Nutty J. Squirrel).

    can you believe the rest of the band wanted me to huff out of a bag filled with dead birds between songs? they were actually bummed when i wouldn’t do it!

    the arkansas jersey would be puzzling on any other human being, but for some reason…

  3. Justin

    Holy flurking shnit! Marcus looks like Ponyboy!! Aww bummer. So do I.
    P.S. Where in the world is Mighty Mighty Meir Zvi Winkelstizzein?

  4. saluzzi

    I remember the dead squirels…you guys actually named them?

    Jeff, post more pics. I have tons that I need to scan and post. I’ll share when they are available. They are mostly from the mid-90’s.

    Tony–do I spy “dumb kid” at the Morning Again show?

  5. I will be playing the I Defy on the 14th. The theme for the show is “10 years later what have we learned?”. I have heard that Mike C Town will be there. Someone should make a zine or maybe make a flier for a fur protest. Ive toured the US 4 times now and just toured Europe and im still playing The I Defy. I dont know.


  6. Myke C-Town

    B-Rad told me to come check this out. Wow. What a pic. Me, Brad, Erik…I even see Scott “Emo Beard” Wilson in the background! Oh man…the good ol’ days. Yeah, only old people say shit like that. We’re getting up there, fellas. Holla.


  7. gray,

    other thing missing is a plastic bag that we all mixed our poo in and threw out your front door down in your hood.

    keep bringing on the pictures.

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