Tre sent me this over the weekend.

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  1. tony Says:

    laughable, mang. no body fucks with the Jesus.

  2. gray Says:

    are you posting this because of the message being conveyed, or because it’s such a blatant rip-off of jawk smash grrrr stylee?
    that homosexuality “font” is straight outta the dragbody 7″…

  3. Justin Says:

    oh, my tour bus. I’ve been getting into murals as of late…and sunsets and shit are so played.

  4. Tre Till Death Says:

    This was in the parking lot of the San Diego Wal Mart.
    I wanted to get a Wal Mart ad and see if the word “Christmas” was actually removed. Once inside Wal Mart, all of the “Holiday” paraphernalia did seem rather… “PC”

    Also, all the singing Santa Claus(es?) were singing in Spanish. And were singing “Jingle Bells” but the lyrics went “Nav-i-dad….nav-i-dad…something something something spanish blah blah…”

    It was weird.

  5. saucemaster Says:

    what is the message of the image the far left? jesus says that if we don’t ‘repent’ we will have our skyscrapers exploded? what a cunt.

  6. Tre Till Death Says:

    The fags are to blame for 9/11

  7. tony Says:

    it says something like “…you to shall all perish”. if you are going to push your message on me, at least get the english right.

  8. james Says:

    People like this come into the valet all the time and tip us with pamphlets that essentially say all of this. I have gotten several of the 9/11 ones. We got one the other day that said “the bible is scientifically accurate.” Thats a direct quote.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I just think that it’s bizarre that supposedly spiritual people need their beliefs reinforced by Wal Mart. Sounds like if that’s the case, then they need to re-evaluate their beliefs/relationship with God.
    – McKaig

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