NYC finds…

The Pushead Nailspiker Bearbrick

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  1. Buske DNA Says:

    Bling blong…

    DEPH looks hot next to that CYCLE.
    Good lookin out, brother!

    Munny’s are next on the hit list.

  2. Lastwatch Says:

    You say they’re $4-$5 apiece? Which stores in Boston have them. I think I’m gonna get my sis to pick me up a couple before she comes down next weekend.

  3. Jeff J Jawk Says:

    Newburry Comics carry them for $4.99 in Boston…
    Tower Records all of the US have them at most locations for $3.99. Sadly the Pushead one is only available at and places like that…

  4. Lastwatch Says:

    Ok, you posted your toys, here’s what I snagged this weekend.!-1846403949!181237813!7005!8005&family=sportster&model=xl883l&market=US&modelsection=gallery

    Incredible fun.

  5. Jeff J Jawk Says:

    holy fuck…
    how did you get that?

  6. Lastwatch Says:

    Straight Cash.

    I sold my ’02 Ninja to my uncle and dropped the dime in Nashville Saturday on that little unit.

    Soooooo much smoother than their older stuff. Still not sure I’ll ever fit in the disciples of that brand though, although most of the people I’ve met so far are pretty cool.

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