1. Gray

    This whole Noisey series is fucking gross. “Send in the nerdy white hipster guy to slum it with the natives”. Fuck him.
    Plus, holy shit, is trap music ever the goddamn worst?! It embodies everything that is terrible with contemporary culture and crystallizes it into petty materialism and criminal glorification. Which, yes, I realize I sound like my father at this point, but some of these same assholes who cavalierly throw out statements like “breaking into houses was big for awhile, everybody was breaking into houses” where actually breaking into MY house. So they can fuck completely off.
    And the Atlanta Twins…I mean, c’mon. What kind of mental illness bullshit is that?

    • Jeff J Jawk

      This shit is horrifying. I love it.
      Also they have shitty guns and even shittier respect for gun safety.
      (by shitty I mean they are buying the most booboo shit ever. They lease some insane car then buy some budget ass ‘piece’ and throw an airsoft quality site on it.)

  2. Gray

    When your patron saint is Gucci Mane…you know you’ve hit rock bottom.
    It really is horrifying.

    Looking forward to that Noisey documentary on Judge though.

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