we can not dream to those dreams anymore…

Hot Rod Hotel – Billy Bragg + Wilco
Storm of Rage – Caliban
Redemption Song – Johnny Cash
Fearless Vampire Killers – Bad Brains
Saved – The Swans
Still Ill – The Smiths

I have been so fucking busy lately but here are a few items.

Got me fucking locks cut so no more clever hair…

The Passion Of Christ is not even remotely entertaining…
Guav has some good things to say about it here

Apparently there was a huge riot last night at the TERROR, PROMISE show at the Whiskey in L.A. last night, read what BUSKE has to here

Puerto Rico was awesome…

Everybody loves tourists…

The Puerto Rico Crew at the airport

The Hope Conspiracy in Ponce

Tim Bomb in San Juan

Jonas and I found some of our friend Pam’s hair products…

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