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Self Preservation – Modern Life Is War
Jane Doe – Converge

This picture is horrifyingly awesome…I love Johnson.

“Time was, if you met someone cool and cute, someone you wanted to know better, you might make that person a mix tape. It was the perfect courtship calling card: a neat little package of songs carefully selected to say something about both you and your understanding of the recipient,” Izzy Grinspan writes for The Village Voice.

“Today, such compilations are an anachronism. Most stereos don’t even have tape decks anymore. Countless couples will probably trade mix CDs this Valentine’s Day, but the point-and-click process of CD burning is rather sterile; it’s possible to make someone a mix CD without having to listen to a single song. As an inveterate trader of cassettes, I’ve been in steady mourning for the mix tapes of my youth for some time now. However, I recently acquired both an iPod and a boyfriend—who’d just gotten an iPod of his own. We were debating whose library had more songs when he had a brilliant idea, one that could replace the mix tape for the 21st century: the iPod swap,’ Grinspan writes.
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Quote of the day:
“we’ve secretly replaced Tre’s wheat thins with Boy Sets Fires CD, let’s see if he can taste the difference…”
-unnamed Deathwish employee after stealing and eating all of Tre’s prized crackers.

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