1. i just can’t get into them, or even that kind of music. maybe if people didn’t call it ‘post-black metal’ it would be better. it just sounds like ride to me. which is fine, and good even, i just get turned off by the positioning in relation to metal. drop the metal, own your pussiness, and you’ve got me.

  2. Seems like he’s owning the pussiness prety well…

    “I want to play Alcest for someone who does not listen to metal and have them think ‘this is not from this planet’. That is my aim. If this person brings up black metal I will be annoyed, because they’re just talking about the shape. The melodies and vocals have nothing to do with darkness or Satanism.

    There is nothing negative in Alcest. It’s positive music.”


    Just saying. What ever you want to call it, I find this band incredible.

  3. Gray

    I’m still boycotting France and anything French as a result of those Surrender-Monkeys not stepping up to be a part of the Coalition Of The Willing…goddamn Frogs.

    This is French right? Not some Belgian shit?

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