1. the mannequin had the good taste not to wear those shoes or drink that enormous beverage!

    it does seem to be developing some sort of wormhole though.

  2. Well, if he loses the jacket and unbuttons his shirt he’ll look just like the guy singing in the React! post below. I guess the mic and the hardcore cred make the difference?

  3. holy shit, you wore slippers around a casino (i assume that is the hard rock you are referring to)?

    when i wear slippers to publix the rest of me looks homeless as well.

  4. Kandiss

    I was going to mention both the coffee and the slippers but I didn’t want to be a dick. Now that its out there… a.) put down that starbucks, nancy. b.) though i back your desire to chill i will never back those slippers. xballerinax?

  5. Lindsey

    Yeah you almost certainly bought that outfit after seeing that man e kin. Also are those Louis Vuitton slippers? What the hell.

  6. gray

    You and that mannequin are about one cuff, three Rocket From The Crypt pins, and a pair of Doc Martins away from looking just like Neighbor. It’s as if you all are preparing some sort of post-ska army of the undead!

    Also, you well know, true hustlas only troll the Excaliber.

  7. Gray, good eye but after further review one would notice Jeff is wearing distressed jeans, no self respecting rocker/skin/hard mod would be caught dead in such trash. My jeans get worn in the natural way when I’m work on cars over at Jay Leno’s garage and listening to the sweet sounds of Let’s Go Bowling. Pick up that wrench, pick it up, pick it up.

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