“stop poisoning our neighborhoods”

OAKLAND — Clad in dark suits and bow ties, a gang of vandals strolled into two Oakland corner liquor stores late Wednesday night and then unleashed a violent attack, terrorizing the clerks, smashing displays and coolers with iron pipes.
The brazen attacks were captured on videotape and thieves seemed not to care that their pictures were being recorded as they looked right into the cameras.
Oakland police have begun a search for the gang of 8-12 young men. But for one clerk, those terrifying moments will not soon be forgotten.
“They just jumped on me — started punching me,” the clerk told KTVU not wanting to give his identity.
“But when you come with baseball bats, and I don’t know if you got guns because you have your hands in your pockets… breaking our store apart… it took hard work, we are here 18 hours a day… working here to establish a business to feed our families, and they do this to us, it’s not fair.”
The clerk said his family was in the back room, waiting for him to close down the store so they could travel to a relative’s home for Thanksgiving. He said the violent attack has traumatized his children.
The attacks began around 11:30 a.m. with two stores targeted — one at 34th and Market and the other — San Pablo Liquor Market on 23rd and San Pablo Ave.
The men strolled into the stores, walked around a while and then turned on the clerks telling them to — “stop poisoning our neighborhoods.” Then the violence turned to the liquor bottles and cans stocked both on shelves and in the coolers.
There was no immediate estimate on damages and no serious injuries were reported.

Psyche Bandit

So the Nike Dunks will be released December 4th at the Tokyo Big Sight during the World Character
Convention 21 in Japan. Apparently the shoes are limited to less than 500. The Psyche Bandit set will (only) be available there too.

I want this guy.

and Bearbrick Series 11 is on its way.