“I got into punk through various ORIGINAL punk bands, so i never had a “direction” at all, i like everything as long as it has at least a bit raw or organic sound. with crust i assumed it was d-beat laden ugly sounding stuff that also had metal in it for some reason. i think i actually like all kinds of punk. from Discipline from Holland to Haggis to Septic Death to Dead Boys to New York Dolls and the Sonics and Christian Death 1st album to Bad Religion to Amebix to His hero is Gone to World Burns To Death to Judge to Concrete Sox to No For An Answer to Crumbsuckers to Ramones etc etc etc” – Fenriz



In case these were missed over on Instagram,
Trish posted some pics from 1996…
Like this one of me fresh from getting my X’s.


“Hard As Fuck XXX” lip tattoo.


Jeff Beckman and I outside the Clermont Lounge.
I look like Brian Posehn’s character from Mission Hill