A co-worker gave me a bag of Tonx, a bi-monthly coffee subscription. It’s pretty fucking good, the problem being it works out to being $19 a bag, which is fine if I lived in Idaho and had no access to fresh roasted coffee. Not worth the money if you live in a 1st world coffee town.

Kill List

“Kill List is a kitchen sink/gangster/horror Mulholland Drive, drawing on Get Carter, Mike Leigh’s films, and of course The Wicker Man as well as more obscure Brit horrors of the 70s.” –

“It’s also a mystery movie, a road movie and a grotesque riff on Arthurian legend, and is influenced as much by John Cassavetes, Alan Clarke and Ken Loach as Witchfinder General, The Wicker Man and The Blood On Satan’s Claw.” –

Just watch it.

Orange Magpul Case

Picked up a Magpul Field Case for my iPhone.  Made of “Semi-rigid thermoplastic elastomer” which gives it a harder feel than a silicone cases with a little bit of tac/rubberness. Easily slides in and out of jean pockets and lint doesn’t stick to it. Easily the best case I have ever owned and at $9.99 and US made you really can’t beat it. There are more milder colors for those less obsessed with orange.