Getter1 Model

It’s been a while since I had attempted putting together a model
(a Robotech Factory in 1987), so I thought I would give this one a shot…

Conveniently the directions are all in Japanese…

but 2 hours later I am almost proud of my work, thankfully I didn’t have to paint anything…

Coen Brothers…

…were on sale. Picked up a few missing classics.

“I’ll be taking these Huggies and whatever cash ya got.” – H.I. McDonnough

“Nothing more foolish than a man chasin’ his hat.” – Tom Reagan

“I gotta tell you, the life of the mind… There’s no roadmap for that territory… And exploring it can be painful.” – Barton Fink

At The Gates in America

Jul 10 2008   Irving Plaza    New York, New York
Jul 11 2008   Palladium    Worcester, Massachusetts
Jul 12 2008   Medley    Montreal, Quebec
Jul 13 2008   Opera House    Toronto, Ontario
Jul 14 2008   House Of Blues    Chicago, Illinois
Jul 15 2008   Pop’s    Sauget, Illinois
Jul 17 2008   Warehouse Live    Houston, Texas
Jul 18 2008   White Rabbit    San Antonio, Texas
Jul 21 2008   Cervantes    Denver, Colorado
Jul 23 2008   El Corazon    Seattle, Washington
Jul 24 2008   Roseland Theatre    Portland, Oregon
Jul 25 2008   Fillmore    San Francisco, California
Jul 26 2008   Glasshouse    Pomona, California
Jul 27 2008   Henry Fonda Theatre    Hollywood, California