Brother’s Keeper and friends outside Soul Vegetarian in Atlanta
Back Row from left to right: Myself, Mike Ski
Middle Row: Zach Hudock, Chris Bazan
Front Row: Billy Cole, Kenn24, EMS, Scott “The Mayor of Pennsitucky” Emhoff, Petey Wentz

Picture from EMS

I don’t get it

“God deosn’t believe in atheists.”
…and neither do toothpicks, skateboard wheels, valkyries or any other non-sentient or non-existent creature.
Am I supposed to be offended, amused or come to some knee buckling self realization?


Jumbo Jar Of Pus, been on the hunt for one of these for a while

Gargadeath from Shane Emery or Napalm Death and Gargamel, luckily scored one after they sold out

Pushead Berrystomper Skullpirate based on Frankenberry Crunch colors

Pushead Desert Gold Skullpirate

Buske scored me these Mechaterrors, Birdcatcher…

…Dororon Enmakun

S7xSB Anniversary Ghostfighter blue…

…and red