Grapefruit Juice + Wasabi Peas…

…means I am home. Installed CS3 today, pretty infuckingsane…

Stumbled across Letterbox, a great Apple Mail plugin that rearranges the interface into three vertical columns – so the message pane is to the right of the message list, rather than below. Pretty nice.


I will be in Atlanta from April 19th – 24th

“You try to pay me off with a banana
But J-D is blacker than a city called Atlanta
Give me some elbow room, I need some elbow room
So I can boom shak-a-lak boom
That’s the sound of the twenty guage
Lock us up and the Lench Mob can break out of any cage
You never even hear of this
I’m taking care of this
Lench Mob environmental terrorists”
– Da Lench Mob, Guerillas In Tha Mist

Getter Passion

Getter Robo has become my new problem, represented here in 21″s of Japans finest plastic

10″ vinyl version

Getter Robo will fucking kill you…

Clean, Shaven

Just watched Clean, Shaven, an amazing eerie journey that follows a paranoid schizophrenic as he tries to find his daughter after being released from an institution. The majority of the film let’s you experience the sights and sounds as the main character feels them (lots of haunting static ambient echo and voices). Very light on dialog and plot but strangely engrossing. You’ll recognize the main character, Peter Greene who’s roll right after this film was Zed in Pulp Fiction.
Read this review.