Ghouls Night Out Part 1

My Super 7 x Secret Base Ghouls Night Out Frankenghost showed up today. He is part 1 in a 5 part series that is released each Saturday throughout October and early November. He comes in an awesome silk screened bag…
Frankenghost is seen here carrying another secret Halloween treat

Salem Treasures

So I spent a lazy Sunday walking around Salem, witnessing all the Halloween chaos and listening to Samhain on my iPod. I stopped in the local comic shop and found this fucking Henshin Cyborg. I had an extra Joe head from my Cocobat 12″ figure. Perfect fit.

Grabbed this guy too. My friend Ryan had this and many other of these (what was known in America as Shogun Warriors) dudes when I was growing up. I spent hours playing with these guys when I was at his house so I had to have him.