More Atlanta Madness…

Neighbor has been rooting through all his old photos… today’s find is of me in about 1996 selling my zine at some show. I believe this show is at the Buford Civic Center. Things of note in this picture: My sweet sweater vest, sick chin strap, the lack of tattoos on my fore arms, the One Life Crew shirt on the kid I am talking too, the headless Billy Cole in his Uniform Choice shirt.

A fucking CLASSIC! Regecide destroying lives at the I Defy House. Judging from the amount or neck armor and lack of tattoos I am going to say this is 1995. Contrary to what you may think I do not now or have never supported the Arkansas Razor Backs. Gray and Mathis rage. Some notable dudes pictured including Will Greene (flipping gray off), Mike C-Town, Matt NorthPoint (Buddy Holly glasses and backpack), Claytheist, Marcus Lowe (rocking a Judas Priest shirt), Justin McKnight of Justice (bracing for the mosh), Scott MC (hockey mask and stick).

The Missing Links

This is not a picture of Mike Watt hanging out with SUNN0))), rather it is our loyal ne’er do well readers/commenters Gray, Neighbor,
and Mathis (aka freezerXpleaser).
End Transmission


“Promoting democracy and modernisation in the Middle East is not a solution to jihadist terrorism. Radical Islamism arises from the loss of identity that accompanies the transition to a modern, pluralist society. More democracy will mean more alienation, radicalisation and terrorism.” – Francis Fukuyama

More Plastic Madness…

Super 7 issue 12 comes out March 1st and as you can see
I am pretty stoked on the content

Some pics of the black colorway and the glow in the dark box in action.

did two Qees for the Adidas Adicolor show in Berlin

Still can’t get it right…

McDonald’s accused of misleading customers

Associated Press in Chicago
Monday February 20, 2006
The Guardian

McDonald’s faces at least three lawsuits claiming it misled the public after it acknowledged last week that milk and wheat ingredients are used to flavour its fries.
One claimant, Debra Moffatt, is seeking unspecified damages in a lawsuit filed in Chicago. Her lawyer, Thomas Pakenas, said his client has coeliac disease, which causes gastrointestinal symptoms set off by eating gluten, a protein found in wheat.

Jack Daly, a McDonald’s senior vice president, said in a statement the company had not yet reviewed the case and is testing its fries for gluten through a food allergy research programme.

Pushead x Kaws 2.0

So since I was at training for the Apple Store on Saturday morning I missed these going up. 500 of each colorway which sold out in a matter of hours. Pushead was kind enough to pull some silver ones aside for fan club members.

I hopefully just scored this little guy.

Waiting On Snow…

Siemens CF 110 limited edition with Dunny laser cut camo pattern & 8″ Dunny silver chrome-plated. Fucking insane. For Brits only. Check it out here.

and 20″ Dalek Dunny’s are coming (that’s a 3″ to the left)