Christmas Wrap Up

Annually I always get the worst gifts for Christmas from my parents. They are great people but they really just have no clue. Some of the past highlights include Plastic Hubcaps, The Bible, and PC Joysticks (I don’t play video games on my MAC and even if I did I can’t use PC joysticks with a MAC). So I present you this years haul:
• 13 pairs of underwear
• 4 pairs of socks
• 1 bag of nuts
• 1 bag or strawberry candy
• 1 box of gummy lifesavers (containing geletin, which I don’t eat)
• 1 box of chocalate covered cherries (containing milk, which I don’t eat)
• 1 bottle of Lacoste cologne (which is nice but Jessika just gave me before I left)

Beyond Belief

If God exists, either he can do nothing to stop the most egregious calamities or he does not care to. God, therefore, is either impotent or evil. Pious readers will now execute the following pirouette: God cannot be judged by merely human standards of morality. But, of course, human standards of morality are precisely what the faithful use to establish God’s goodness in the first place. And any God who could concern himself with something as trivial as gay marriage, or the name by which he is addressed in prayer, is not as inscrutable as all that. If he exists, the God of Abraham is not merely unworthy of the immensity of creation; he is unworthy even of man.
– Sam Harris

Tre sent me an awesome article, take the time and read it please.

And since we are on the topic…
watch this trailer.

Gray posted a great link from NPR. It’s well worth the listen, it’s long but well worth it. Check it out here.


Tim Biskup’s Acid Head 8″ Dunny. Limited to 1000 pieces. Coming January 26th.

DJ Qbert Dunny 3″ coming January 12th.

And the best news I’ve heard all week… SHOWTIME is in talks with FOX to pick up the series Arrested Developement. I’ve also heard rumors of ABC. Story Here.

Big Fun!

So at Bridge Nine our mailorder person, Aaron Apps, has decided to move to California for the winter to pursue is golf game (sadly not a joke). So we have been interviewing people this week to fill his shoes. One such applicant after his interview deceided that he would go spray paint FUN! on the wall of the Peabody-Essex Museum…
which just happens to have stood for over two centuries in southern China, until it was shipped over and rebuilt here. Read About It Here.