A New Species

“It is the foundation of our religion, our ethics and even our science that humanity has been isolated, is a single species, and has been for a very long time. This find challenges that. It is a remarkable fact that it is only at this moment, in 7m years, that there is only one species of human on the planet.”
Bert Roberts, the University of Wollongong in New South Wales

Australian and Indonesian scientists have identified a new and completely unexpected species of human. It was only a metre high, had a small brain but a distinctly human face. It made delicate stone tools and it shared the planet with Homo sapiens at least 18,000 years ago.

Read more about it here and here

Amped On Stupid

Today’s Boston Herald

I remind you that these photo’s are from a celebration following a sporting event, this is not a revolution, rather an example of misguided and wasted aggression…

design “crew”

Steve Martyr: so you do freelance design and the such?
Jonathan Buske: www.actwondesign.com
Steve Martyr: hmm so whats the DNA all about
Jonathan Buske: “all about”?
Steve Martyr: yeah whats the story on it
Steve Martyr: whats it mean more or less
Jonathan Buske: same as any other “crew”, we’re just more of a real family, not thug family
Steve Martyr: ah haha i thought it was like your design “crew” cause i knew of 3 people in it from like seeing screen names and such and you all did design
Jonathan Buske: hahaha
Jonathan Buske: nah, bro

The Patron Saint Of Liars And Fakes

Music: The Patron Saint Of Liars And Fakes – Fall Out Boy

Nicole and Thomas, I love and miss both of them…

Jessica DNA was in town so I met up with her and Grez DNA and we went to the Social Distortion show. It was awesome to catch up with them… I haven’t seen Jessica since July… and Grez is always so fucking busy…
My CV axle finally broke later that night. $479 later my car runs a lot smoother, and encures a few less stares…

I went and saw Black Tape For A Blue Girl. I love this band and was a little disappointed in the show… oh well Jessika and I were the coolest people there (which as she reminded me, is always the case for her).

These fucking hard chargers are coming in November from My Plastic Heart & Urban Medium

So Fall Out Boy is fucking awesome (even if I am not a 15 year old girl).

Ok I have to run to the gym. I will add more when I get back…

Back from the gym. Protien shakes and hummus. The Red Sox win. Salem is going insane, I can only imagine how Boston is…
what if people were motivated by things that actually mattered

“Anything I Say To You Is Gonna Come Out Wrong Anyway” – PINBACK

Vegan Power graphitti from the South Station bathroom in Boston…

So last night I got to see Public Enemy which I have been wanting to do for about 14 years. Seriously pretty amazing, until it became the Flavor Flav show… too much talk of “god” and the surreal life. But they did play “Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos” and “By The Time I Get To Arizona” so I was all set.

After the show headed over to the Paradise and caught Pinback which I was pretty stoked on… I am definitly not the target audience as I wasn’t a hippy or a hipster, but they were so fucking good.

New Vegan Adidas Shell toes…
hard to find but amazing.

ToyTokyo has this badass for preorder, just in time for Halloween.

URBAN MEDIUM (from Atlanta!) made this bad ass stuff…
check out his sight!