No Second Chances

Cari and Aram. I love them.

New iMac G5!
Apple today unveiled the new iMac G5, in a new design that integrates the entire computer right into the flat panel display. The iMac G5 packs a complete computer system into two inches of depth in what Apple says is “the world’s thinnest desktop computer.” The new line offers 17- or 20-inch active matrix widescreen LCDs and G5 processors running up to 1.8GHz starting at $1,299.

So after having my iBook back for a week, it’s now back at the Apple store. They put a bad drive in her. FUCK!

Oh yeah. The journal got a new look…


Me and Aram.
Jahanna, Cara, Tre, Chris Wrenn, and I went to see Champion and Outbreak in Maine last night. I love all of those kids.

I’m headed to Syracuse to see Throwdown and Bleeding Through and hang with some family…
DJ, Kitzel, Buske, Julie, Nicole, Heck, Yumiko, Johnson…


Music: Blood & Thunder | I Am Ahab | Seabeast | Iceland | Iron Tusk | Megalodon | Naked Burn | Aqua Dementia | Hearts Alive | Joseph Merrick
Leviathan, Mastadon

We got the new Mastadon at the office today. Seriously stop fucking around and get into it. I mean it has Moby fucking Dick on the cover… That is hard.


So I’m in Atlanta, typing this out on a shitty PC at my parents house, while watching One Hour Photo. I got to see Gray and Megan today and Henry there awesome 11 month old son. He was born on September 10th. The last thing I did in Atlanta on the day I was moving to Boston was stop and see Henry and Company at the hospital. So it was good to see them.

Then off to the wedding and the reception… so much awkard small talk.
5 cups of coffee. Some fruit. Lots of relatives I don’t know. The valet at the Coutry Club where it was held was a fucking core kid named Brian… I chatted with him for a bit.

I miss the gym.

Fuck it’s 4:30am.

“my balls and my word is alls I have” – Jay Z

Music: December 4th – Jay-Z

“I’ve learned that no matter how much I care,
some people are just assholes.

I’ve learned that it takes years
to build up trust, and it only takes
suspicion, not proof, to destroy it.”

– knowledge dropped in a shitty mass e-mail

So I’m headed to Atlanta in the morning…
can’t wait to see some old friends.

cause there’s beauty in the breakdown…

So I had an awesome weekend…
New York City. Good food and amazing friends.
Diner with Billy and April at Red Bamboo, Key Lime Pie at Food Swings with Matt, Danielle, Justin, and Wage of Sin.
New toys, sunglasses, and Penguin shirts. Police harassment.
Philly. Disfear at the church… missing Tragedy by 5 minutes. Seeing Matt NP and Alan and hitting Cherry Street with them and Gene. Night on the town with Philly’s finest… Gene, Alyssa, Dawn and Alison. Sketchy “After Hours” members only clubs that David Lynch couldn’t even conjure up.

Got to see Max Milgram at his work, where for some reason on the wall they had an amazing artist rendering of Jim Winters (Promise guitarist, Very shit worker, Firestorm riff writer) on the wall…

It’s always awesome to come home after a 6 hour at 2 am to find a boot on your car.
Jahanna saved my ass this morning…$486 to get it off.
While talking on the phone to Jahanna about the tragic booting…
I stepped in a fucking sidewalk that was wet cement…
covering my shoes.
Fucking amazing.

Oh well.