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Oh My DAMN!!!

Wednesday, April 28th, 2004

Please, so fucking funny. Well worth the wait.


Tuesday, April 27th, 2004

Crooked Fingers is the current project from Archers of Loaf frontman Eric Bachmann. Intense and sad. Get into it…

Watch the video for “A New Drink for the Old Drunk”

Blue eyes of fire
Sweet desire is bitter torture
You are no father’s daughter
No man has this much to offer
Skin dark as sin
Soft and when we took cover
From the rain and the thunder
Under stained glass we did slumber
‘Til the sun came out to blind us
So we could not see anything
So we knew at once we were meant to be
And we heard the gods all rise and say
The love we made was no lie

With thirty years of hopes and fears breathing down my neck
Such a sad sad thing I set you free ’cause I can’t get you back
You are fire and you are water and when you dance it is torture
Maybe some night by the gray light of the dull moon we can meet

Tangled in twine
We have climbed we have wrangled
Shiny sequined sparked and spangled
Our hearts iron cuffed and mangled
We spen the night
By the side of the water and
Past the breakers and the markers
We swam out into the darkness
‘Til we could not feel the bottom
‘Til we could not feel anything
And the shoreline slowly drifted out of reach
As the moon shone down and the ocean heaved
And darkness gave to the light

With thirty years of hopes and fears breathing down my neck
Such a sad sad thing I set you free ’cause I can’t get you back
You are fire you are water and when you dance it is torture
Maybe someday on the bottom of the ocean we can meet
Though we know if we do we can never leave
‘Cause the moment that we turn away
The gods will say the love we made was a lie


Monday, April 26th, 2004

…there are consequences to breaking the heart of a murdering bastard…

Monday, April 26th, 2004

The Cross – Samael
Steel Shoe – High On Fire

Saw Kill Bill vol. 2 again this weekend. I can appreciate so much more the second time around.
Fucking awesome…
Got severly burned about my face and hands on Saturday, while doing merch for Only Crime…fucking awesome dude, Dalbec from Bane, Russ from Good Riddance, Zack from Gwar, and Bill Stevenson from Black Flag and The Decendants.
Back to my wounds, my hands look as if I am wearing red gloves, pink paws as Martha puts it, my ear has a fucking disgusting pouch of pus laying across the top of it.

Two more Ben Shermans in the mail today.

Martha has a job interview on Thursday! I am so stoked.


Thursday, April 22nd, 2004

“If there is a sin against life, it consists perhaps not so much in despairing of life as in hoping for another life and in eluding the implacable grandeur of this life.” -Albert Camus

this is not a game, and it’s not for the weak

Wednesday, April 21st, 2004

This Is Not A Game – Life’s Blood
Cross Out The Eyes – Thursday
Kapitulation – Death In June
Somnium V – Thou Shalt Suffer

Vegan Bodybuilding
Found that site, pretty interesting, could use a ton of work graphically…worth a look

It sucks when you let yourself stand in the way of what you want.


Tuesday, April 20th, 2004

Robutussin PM was the start of a few days that I would rather forget.

who’s down with G – O – D?

Friday, April 16th, 2004

check that shit out…

“i crashed my car into jesus”


Thursday, April 15th, 2004

So in the last 3 days four people have made the comment that I look like Choke…

I’ve done much less right than I’ve done wrong…

Wednesday, April 14th, 2004

That Much Further West – Lucero
Love Will Tear Us Apart – Joy Division
Superhero Of The Computer Age – In Flames

So last night I went to see PINBACK. Fuck who new that somemany hippies would be there? There where no cool people there, other than Martha, Nicole, and Jonas.

Superman and Jerry
Seriously, so fucking awesome.

I need to get my car fixed.

Aparently Episode 1- 5 of Curb Your Enthusiasm is ON DEMAND right now…