Pushead vs SDCC

Buske sent me this article from Supertouch:
Pushead will make a rare appearance at this year’s San Diego ComicCon, as part of his 25th anniversary celebration. It is being called “125 Minutes of Pus…” as Pushead will only be present for 2 hours and 5 minutes, (starting @ 4:25 Thursday July 20th) and all the items for sale will be available for that amount of time only. When “125 minutes” is up, anything not sold will be boxed up forever. The special SDCC limited item will be the “Came from the Sea” Skullpirate, manufactured by Secret Base, and is the first Skullpirate being released outside of Japan. Each figure will come with a signed tag and a special Skullpirate bandana. The run is limited to 125 pieces and the price will be $75.00. Also available will be a limited edition (25 pieces) “Jar of Pus” Circus Punk for $100. Super-secret specially handpainted one-of-a-kind pieces by Pushead will be the to-die-for-items for the diehard (and wealthy) Pus fanatics. Get there early.


Secret Base “Rainy Day” Skull Pirate
Available only on rainy days at the Secret Base store in Japan

Pushead x Stussy shirts for for the Stussy World Tour
There are some cool shirts, why do some of them like the Futura one say Atlanta on it? Is there a Stussy shop in Atlanta?