INTEGRITY “HUMANITY IS THE DEVIL” REMIX – Painstakingly mixed by Joel Grind (under guidance from guitarist Aaron Melnick and vocalist Dwid Hellion) and mastered by his Audiosiege partner Brad Boatwright, the 2015 treatment of this epic recording do the album even more sonic justice and fidelity than was remotely possible in 1995. The result is an even wilder and somehow more visceral experience from start to finish, an album that still stands head and shoulders above anything else.

Available October 30, 2015, Humanity is the Devil: 20th Anniversary Remix + Remaster features an updated treatment of Pushead’s iconic album cover, a new painting from visual artist Josh Bayer, complete lyrics from Hellion, an updated narration from Hellion himself on the album’s final track, and much more.

Grab the ‘Bacteria Sour Tribute Edition’ over at Magic Bullet






Lucio Fulci’s Horror & Thriller Compilation 2X12″ from Mondo



Amesoeurs – Amesoeurs 2×12″ on Clear Smoke



Gallowbraid “Ashen Eidolon” 12″



Woods Of Desolation “As The Stars” 12″

Hail Poledouris


Recently acquired two of my favorite scores of all time…
Red Dawn and Conan The Barbarian, both by Basil Poledouris

Poledouris’s work (especially Conan) is an obvious influence on…