NYC July 4th 2004

Matt & Kenn24
Keepin it fat
Jawk & Kenn24
Angry Old Men
Kenn24 up close
Jeff J Jawk Troll
jeff j jawk as a troll
newlens 076
ezra as a troll
newlens 077
Kenn24 is fucking hostile
newlens 078
just bring it!
newlens 079
Kenn24 at the Apple Store SOHO
newlens 080
The crew at Apple
newlens 081
Kenn24 in SOHO
newlens 082
What the fuck...
newlens 084
Angry that the sun is touching me
newlens 085
Kenn and I are fucking cool
newlens 086
ezra as a dwarf
newlens 087
April in her new Fred
newlens 088
Billy as a pig
newlens 090
Looking at what I bought at KIDROBOT
newlens 091
a peek into my bag of rediculousness
newlens 092
checking my receipt. it looks like I have a rat tail...
newlens 093
Kenn24 has been to NYC twice to see the DUNNY show. Closed both times.
newlens 094
Kenn24 and I in front of the closed DUNNY show...
newlens 095
if you had a peephole and kenn24 was knocking on your door, it would look like this
newlens 096
Billy at the some good as hell chinese place...
newlens 097
April and her water
newlens 098
Billy and my Bearbrick
newlens 099
Kenn24 scored this awesome Qee...
newlens 100
and a Baby Qee...
newlens 101
and this skull Qee...
newlens 102
and this EVIROB...
newlens 103
I got this lil' fucker...
newlens 104
let's fucking eat
newlens 106
April. Shovel that shit...
newlens 107
newlens 110
Me and Pita, the cat Moo Shoes, and aweseom vegan shoe store
newlens 111
sketchy. very sketchy.
newlens 113
Handling some business
newlens 114
newlens 117
newlens 118
April (thrilled). Billy, Matt, and Kenn24
newlens 119
Old Room mates...
newlens 120
Kenn24's sick ink
newlens 123
again, the crew
newlens 125
Kenn24 leading us in prayer at Red Bamboo
newlens 126
MO rules...
newlens 128
Me drinking gravy with a straw. Get into it.
newlens 129
Danielle is an amazing tattoo artist, and she can keep up with us eating too...
newlens 132
Mo made me iced coffee with Ice Cream in it...
newlens 134
Danielle and her shake
newlens 135
Matt and Mo
newlens 136
newlens 137
newlens 138
newlens 144
Billy and April
newlens 145
newlens 146
Fat face returns
newlens 147
taken it sleazy
newlens 148
newlens 150
kenn24 on acid
newlens 007
Kenn and I wondering what the fuck ezra is doing...
newlens 013
Matt and Danielle
newlens 021
Kenn24 as Flavor Flav
newlens 022
newlens 024
breakfast by danielle
newlens 025
newlens 026
newlens 027
newlens 028