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This dude is Fucked

So quick trip to New York City on Sunday night. Stayed with Buske which was awesome. Chris Wrenn and I had some meetings on Monday morning. The whole car ride down was filled with interesting controversy with the ladies that I have in my life. I really need to go for some quality here. jesus. All girl’s are scandalous. period. Anyways, Wrenn and I had an awesome breakfast at Kate’s Place in the City…Vegan Egg’s Benedict, so fucking good.

Kainjow Software has released Pod2Go 0.6, the latest version of its software that “takes an ordinary iPod and makes it extraordinary by syncing news, weather forecasts, movie listings, stock quotes, horoscopes, driving directions and much more all with a few clicks of the mouse.” The updated version offers a global iPod menu for easy syncing, plugin-based structure, and the ability to launch applications on connect of iPod. It also includes better management of RSS feeds, the ability to sync Safari bookmarks, and more. Pretty cool for daily commuter/podders…
check it out

TunesAtWork is new software that lets you listen to your iTunes music collection while you are away from your Mac. “TunesAtWork is a specialized Web server that runs on your home Mac and serves Web pages that present your music collection (including playlists) organized visually much the same as in iTunes itself. Clicking the various links in the Web page will cause MP3 files to be streamed from your home Mac to the computer where your browser is running. As long as that computer (where the browser is running) has a helper application that can play streamed MP3 files (e.g., WinAmp on Windows, MacAmp or iTunes itself on Macintosh), you will hear your music on that computer.” TunesAtWork is freeware and requires Mac OS X, iTunes 4, Java 1.4, and a high-speed internet connection.
Almost cool. It doesn’t support AAC, MP4 which is what you should be using…so hopefully they will fix this…
if you only use MP3s then check this out….

iPod-based ‘HP Digital Music Player’ unveiled

Music: VNV NATION – Fragments (Splinter)

As noted by MacMinute, Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina has unveiled the new iPod-based “HP Digital Music Player” at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The device is light blue in color and has an “HP” logo on the back. Firoina said it is “the first and only one” in existence. HP and Apple announced a partnership yesterday to deliver an HP-branded digital music player based on Apple’s iPod, which is expected to ship this summer. CNET has a short video of Fiorina inroducing the device at CES.
Be warned Carly Fiorina is full of shit…she runs her mouth about HP being..well whatever…they make crap..and they knew it…so they didn’t even try to make an iPod competitor they just bought and repackaged the best.


Subject: Syracuse and Salem is the New Atlanta
Nico – Somewhere There’s A Feather
Last Rights – Nuclear Fear VFW
The Crown – Rebel Angel
Turning Point – Few and the Proud

so after reading Guav’s journal every few hours for the past couple of months I decided to start a blog. The cleverness well come no where close to Guav’s…
The crew from Atlanta is up and making Salem complete…
F-Sean also moved in this week, good times there…seriously that kid has the best fucking stories, which I won’t even try to repeat…