so don’t hold back…

Self Preservation – Modern Life Is War
Jane Doe – Converge

This picture is horrifyingly awesome…I love Johnson.

“Time was, if you met someone cool and cute, someone you wanted to know better, you might make that person a mix tape. It was the perfect courtship calling card: a neat little package of songs carefully selected to say something about both you and your understanding of the recipient,” Izzy Grinspan writes for The Village Voice.

“Today, such compilations are an anachronism. Most stereos don’t even have tape decks anymore. Countless couples will probably trade mix CDs this Valentine’s Day, but the point-and-click process of CD burning is rather sterile; it’s possible to make someone a mix CD without having to listen to a single song. As an inveterate trader of cassettes, I’ve been in steady mourning for the mix tapes of my youth for some time now. However, I recently acquired both an iPod and a boyfriend—who’d just gotten an iPod of his own. We were debating whose library had more songs when he had a brilliant idea, one that could replace the mix tape for the 21st century: the iPod swap,’ Grinspan writes.
Read the full article here.

Quote of the day:
“we’ve secretly replaced Tre’s wheat thins with Boy Sets Fires CD, let’s see if he can taste the difference…”
-unnamed Deathwish employee after stealing and eating all of Tre’s prized crackers.

Hope for the worst, fear for the best….

Beyond Redemption – HIM
The Last Day Of Our Acquaintance – Sinead O’Connor
In The Cards – Anti-Heroes
Latch Key Kids – Bad Religion
Pure Holocaust – Immortal
No Way Out – Damnation a.d.
Slide Show – Travis
Call To Arms – Tragedy
Winter Eagle – Death In June
Serial Killer – Converge
Carnal Knowledge – 411
Tres – Pinback

Haven’t updated this thing in a while…so much going on. Went to California for a few days last week. Terror and Madball played 3 shows out there. Chris Wrenn, Tre, Todd Jones and I spent the weekend in the car…Fucking awesome, the LA show kinda sucked due to the club…the Whiskey is such a fucking lame place, hardcore has no business there…they should stick to Winger shows. Mandel and Itow where there though so that was awesome. San Francisco was amazing…we rolled in early and went to some place that had vegan cheesesteak…it failed, not so good but we did see a fight between some dude and a cab driver…I hold cab drivers in disdain so I was pleased to see some dude clock the cabby several times about the face through his window while he was sitting down…
Of to the show, which was in the middle of no where…cool club though, THE POUND. Neighbor was with us at this point and he helped me sell merch all night and we caught up and cut up all night…serious good times, I love and miss that kid. I got to see Heather and Jaime, which I never get to see enough of. I haven’t seen Jaime in about 3 years…we got to
stay with Heaher, who lives in a seriously awesome house in Oakland. Late night of catching up, iTunes theiving, and general tom foolery…up early back to LA…
Saw my man Rhett from Atlanta, he just moved to Corona, it was good to see that maniac. He claims it is ok for christians to engage in anal sex just no vaginal. weird I wasn’t aware jesus was so dirty…

Freddie Madball with my man Todd…

Back in Boston…
work and hanging out…went out a few nights and ran into my friend liz who is awesome…
trying to get my family (Ezra, Kenn24, and Jahanna) to hang with my new friends…we all went out on Saturday and we even got Jonas to come along. Fuck I love that kid I need to hang with him more often…the night was generally fun but it ended at some party that was made up of dicklickers and cunts…needless to say we didn’t stay long.
In Boston it seems nothing straightedge can stay…so many cheap people, which is fine…thin the heard.

It is becoming more and more aparent that I need a haircut.
Should I shave my head?

Converge is back from Europe…funtimes.
I missed them, especially that H-Mo thomas…

lizzy, tre, me and gauv at the hatebreed video shoot…

times are good.
for those I love, I will sacrifice….

The True Story of the Merzbow Car

Music: Silk Saw – Empty Plug

The Story of the Merzbow CD packaged in a car has spread itself across the globe. Alot of rumors have circulated and the truth has been hard to come by. To coincide with the “Resist the Factory” I decided to talk directly to Anders at Releasing Eskimo, the Swedish label that put out the Merzbow car.

Here’s what he said:

“A while ago I had a Mercedes 230 that I didn’t drive much. The police told me that I had to move it or they’d tow it away. Well, I didn’t want to keep it and I didn’t have anywahere to store it so I decided to use it for something else. I rigged the car’s CD player with our latest release of Merzbow’s “Noise Embryo” CD so that the music started when the car was turned on and it was impossible to turn it off. I put it up for sale as an extremely limited edition of the “Noise Embryo” CD but no one ever bought it, and in the end the car broke down. So we took out the CD and got rid of the car. Now I’m thinking about if it’s possible to release a record in a Boeing 747…”

Fuck…but there is a 50 CD MERZBOW box set…go here

I haven’t posted in here in a while…
I will write more tomorrow. sleep.

Happy Birthday Macintosh.

Music: Aerogramme – Hatred

CNN reports that The Mac turns 20 today, noting the the strength of the community and large base of passionate users: “”Macintosh users tend to be a very independent type, and they tend to be very loyal to their product,” Wozniak said. “They’ve been threatened with [Macs] going out of business and being put out of their schools and out of their companies, and they’ve got to fight. There’s so much passion for it.”

Fuck, I am a dork…but really that is why you are reading this…so you know this.

It’s time to go home…

Digital – Joy Division
Fade Into You – Mazzy Star
Bad Habits – The Dresden Dolls
Looking Back – Between Us
Reset – OutKast
Wonderwall – Oasis
Tale Of Two Cities – Modern Life Is War

We just go the new Terror Hoodies in that I designed……

They just came it yesterday…
pretty stoked on them. They’ve literally been up 3 minutes on the web store and we’ve already sold 2.

get em here

or at these shows…
1/29: Los Angeles, CA @ The Whiskey – Terror, Madball, Skare Tactic
1/30: San Francisco, CA @ The Pound – Terror, Madball, Murder Machines
1/31: Corona, CA @ The Showcase – Terror , Skare Tactic, Donnybrook!, Laid To Rest

which I will be at…so come say hi…
I’ll be the fucking sucker behind the Deathwish | Bridge Nine table

It’s fucking hard to get good chinese food on chinese new years…

Scary pictures of me and Buske from Albany…I look retarded and he looks like a small baby girl…

I will leave you with this…

fucking Big E smoking what may be the fucking biggest joint ever. So amazing…just look at the size of it..jesus

Some pointers from a friend….

Music: Comets On Fire – ESP

Just got an e-mail from my friend Cari, who gave me a few pointers on life and things I’ve been commenting on in here, here is what she had to say…

– you need a haircut….keep the tuff, lose the gay

“The whole car ride down was filled with interesting controversy with the ladies that I have in my life. I really need to go for some quality here. jesus. All girl’s are scandalous. period. ”

– the quality is in canada, stop hanging out with teenagers….seriously

– and if we weren’t scandalous, we wouldn’t be interesting…we would just be tits and few holes to stick your wiener in….scandals keep things interesting

Quote of the day:
“what the hell happened???? It looks like you fell off the deep end into wannabe gay mod hell. please come back the core needs you….” Daniel Sant of Over My Dead Body, commenting on my hair.

…all this beauty you will never know…

Billy Bragg – The Space Race is Over
Husker Du – Mosochism World
Burst – Epidemic
Siouxsie & The Banshees – Shadowtime
Spaceboy – The Melting World
The Eagles – James Dean
Saves The Day – In Reverie

The Promise in Albany

Kenn24 and Justin

Buske about to lose his hat…

Kenn24 and I made the trip out to Albany to go see some good friends…
Albany is about 2 hours from here, and we rolled up and got to see about half of the Wage of Sin…Got to see The Promise. Let me just say there are only a few bands that make this jaded old fuck “mosh”…it’s sad when people clear out for a 30 year old dude going off, either that or they were just horrified, like young kids seeing someone have a seizure…
regardless I was on head singing along. Always awesome. Most Precious Blood fucking killed it that night…it was seriously so fucking crazy. Kids just going ape shit, singing every word. Reminded me of an Atlanta Indecision show. We hung out and had some amazing vegan corn dogs…then sad our good byes…

The ride home we pure hell. Some mysterious freezing fog kept attacking my windsheild…
forcing us to pull over every 5 minutes…
we left at fucking 1 and got back to Salem at 4:30 am…

Laundry. Had so much I had to split it up between my house and a laundry mat. At one point I went to go put my sheets in the dryer…
door slams behind me.
me and the snow. that’s all there was. I locked myself out. no phone. no wallet. no jacket. nothing. I had to walk all over Salem to find Tre to let me in…
Finally I found him at the office…
Later that night…
I managed to impress my friends with and amazing fall down a whole flight of stairs in my apartment…
picture a water slide…people laying down sliding having fun…
now picture me the same way, but take away the water and the fun…
I am amazing.

Late night trip to Denny’s after picking up Jahanna at the Airport, yielded poor service, stomach aches, good times, and too many emo kids…

EGGS BENNY and Crazy Girls

Exhume To Consume – Carcass
Insomnia – The Rentals
Tomb Of The Boom – Outkast
Kidnapping An Heiress – Black Box Recorder
The Police – Peanuts
Citizen’s Arrest – Activate
The Smiths – Nowhere Fast
Most Precious Blood – Collusionist

This dude is Fucked

So quick trip to New York City on Sunday night. Stayed with Buske which was awesome. Chris Wrenn and I had some meetings on Monday morning. The whole car ride down was filled with interesting controversy with the ladies that I have in my life. I really need to go for some quality here. jesus. All girl’s are scandalous. period. Anyways, Wrenn and I had an awesome breakfast at Kate’s Place in the City…Vegan Egg’s Benedict, so fucking good.

Kainjow Software has released Pod2Go 0.6, the latest version of its software that “takes an ordinary iPod and makes it extraordinary by syncing news, weather forecasts, movie listings, stock quotes, horoscopes, driving directions and much more all with a few clicks of the mouse.” The updated version offers a global iPod menu for easy syncing, plugin-based structure, and the ability to launch applications on connect of iPod. It also includes better management of RSS feeds, the ability to sync Safari bookmarks, and more. Pretty cool for daily commuter/podders…
check it out

TunesAtWork is new software that lets you listen to your iTunes music collection while you are away from your Mac. “TunesAtWork is a specialized Web server that runs on your home Mac and serves Web pages that present your music collection (including playlists) organized visually much the same as in iTunes itself. Clicking the various links in the Web page will cause MP3 files to be streamed from your home Mac to the computer where your browser is running. As long as that computer (where the browser is running) has a helper application that can play streamed MP3 files (e.g., WinAmp on Windows, MacAmp or iTunes itself on Macintosh), you will hear your music on that computer.” TunesAtWork is freeware and requires Mac OS X, iTunes 4, Java 1.4, and a high-speed internet connection.
Almost cool. It doesn’t support AAC, MP4 which is what you should be using…so hopefully they will fix this…
if you only use MP3s then check this out….

iPod-based ‘HP Digital Music Player’ unveiled

Music: VNV NATION – Fragments (Splinter)

As noted by MacMinute, Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina has unveiled the new iPod-based “HP Digital Music Player” at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The device is light blue in color and has an “HP” logo on the back. Firoina said it is “the first and only one” in existence. HP and Apple announced a partnership yesterday to deliver an HP-branded digital music player based on Apple’s iPod, which is expected to ship this summer. CNET has a short video of Fiorina inroducing the device at CES.
Be warned Carly Fiorina is full of shit…she runs her mouth about HP being..well whatever…they make crap..and they knew it…so they didn’t even try to make an iPod competitor they just bought and repackaged the best.