You: Hot Chick At BSC – 30

Music: The Freeway – Red Sparowes

So someone (whom I can only assume is some guido jabroni from his spectacular choice or language) left as MISSED CONNECTION thingy on Craig’s List pertaining to Martha (my fucking hot girlfriend). Here it is:

You: Hot Chick At BSC – 30
Reply to: ——@———-.——-
Date: 2004-05-18, 11:09PM EDT

You were the hot chick with brown hair, slender, tall and tattoos on both upper arms. We kept running into each other. i wanted to say hi, but was too shy. If you are reading this, hit me up.

I don’t know what is wierder
– The fact that this guy thought it was a good idea to post on Craig’s List, he obviously knows where to find her, they go to the same gym
– The use of the work “CHICK”, sick bro, more than likely you wear a visor
– That this thing was even seen…Jess what the fuck are you doing reading missed connections?

greasy hashbrowns, black coffee, green tank tops… it’s good to be home

Better Off – Razed In Black
Nonbeliever – 100 Demons
Handy With The Tongue Sword – Kid Dynamite
End Of The Century – The Ramones
We Got – Ludacris

Atlanta for 5 days. Saw Most Precious Blood, Throwdown, and With Honor… got in a little altercation with some shitty skin. Ended the night with some delicious Chinese Buddah with the crew. Stayed with MPB and hung out with them the next day. Got to see lots of my parents which was really good. Need to get home to see them more often.
Saw John and Robin on Sunday night which was really fucking good. My flight home on Monday got all fucked up but I ended up having a direct flight rather than a layover….
Martha picked me up at the airport and we tracked down the school where her interview was this morning.
Martha began to speak like JRR TOLKIEN writes “It should be upon us soon”.


Crooked Fingers is the current project from Archers of Loaf frontman Eric Bachmann. Intense and sad. Get into it…

Watch the video for “A New Drink for the Old Drunk”

Blue eyes of fire
Sweet desire is bitter torture
You are no father’s daughter
No man has this much to offer
Skin dark as sin
Soft and when we took cover
From the rain and the thunder
Under stained glass we did slumber
‘Til the sun came out to blind us
So we could not see anything
So we knew at once we were meant to be
And we heard the gods all rise and say
The love we made was no lie

With thirty years of hopes and fears breathing down my neck
Such a sad sad thing I set you free ’cause I can’t get you back
You are fire and you are water and when you dance it is torture
Maybe some night by the gray light of the dull moon we can meet

Tangled in twine
We have climbed we have wrangled
Shiny sequined sparked and spangled
Our hearts iron cuffed and mangled
We spen the night
By the side of the water and
Past the breakers and the markers
We swam out into the darkness
‘Til we could not feel the bottom
‘Til we could not feel anything
And the shoreline slowly drifted out of reach
As the moon shone down and the ocean heaved
And darkness gave to the light

With thirty years of hopes and fears breathing down my neck
Such a sad sad thing I set you free ’cause I can’t get you back
You are fire you are water and when you dance it is torture
Maybe someday on the bottom of the ocean we can meet
Though we know if we do we can never leave
‘Cause the moment that we turn away
The gods will say the love we made was a lie

…there are consequences to breaking the heart of a murdering bastard…

The Cross – Samael
Steel Shoe – High On Fire

Saw Kill Bill vol. 2 again this weekend. I can appreciate so much more the second time around.
Fucking awesome…
Got severly burned about my face and hands on Saturday, while doing merch for Only Crime…fucking awesome dude, Dalbec from Bane, Russ from Good Riddance, Zack from Gwar, and Bill Stevenson from Black Flag and The Decendants.
Back to my wounds, my hands look as if I am wearing red gloves, pink paws as Martha puts it, my ear has a fucking disgusting pouch of pus laying across the top of it.

Two more Ben Shermans in the mail today.

Martha has a job interview on Thursday! I am so stoked.