“I love it that people don’t talk to me, and at the same time I get offended” – Tre McCarthy

“Come to Wendy’s, get a baked potatoe, check out this broad…” – Zack The Intern

I feel a bit sick, a friend sent me a box of stuff, that included twizzlers, nips sour patch kids, peanut chews, that combined with the four packages of vegan beef jerky have started rioting in my stomache.

Today Apple announced 3 new PowerMac G5s. The top-of-the-line Power Mac G5 with dual 2.5GHz processors squeezes outrageous performance into tight quarters. To cool down those steaming circuits, Apple designed a sophisticated liquid cooling system that takes off the heat without bumping up the noise. Mac OS X dynamically adjusts the flow of the fluid and the speed of the fans based on temperature. Fuck.

Martha Mary got a job offer today!

Headed to the gym tonight which will be a big let down after going with the best personal trainer ever…I will have put what she taught me to work.

Todays thug quote comes from a song that always plays on my iPod while I’m at the gym…

“I’ve been waiting a long time to give you a piece of my mind.
You can run but you can’t hide from who you are inside
and you don’t want to confront me.
No! I know your kind.
You’ve been runnin the same old lies
and keelin over on your mines.
you’ll see it’s all in a matter of time, you’re gonna hafta confront me.

cause we’re all in this game,
we don’t believe loyalty comes for free.
you only get respect when it’s given out.

make no mistake you’re the enemy.
make no mistake, you are my enemy.

think I will back down?
you don’t know me
i never back off,
cause you’re my enemy.”

– For My Enemies, Madball

I need to do laundry. I hate doing laundry. Maybe I’ll just buy new socks.

Operation Rescue

Music: Operation Rescue – Bad Religion

I was walking to the bank this morning, enjoying an amazing sunny day in Salem, when I was harassed by some Christian, who tried to give me free tickets (to heaven I presume) then proceded to witness to me about Jesus Christ, the final blow was delt when he asked if he could pray with me…
Now I have lots of convictions, but never would I walk around aimlessy harassing people, to talk to them about what I believe. What drives the fucking kooks, and they are always some form of Christian…Jews don’t do this, Muslims don’t, the fucking Krishna’s do but they don’t count because to they obviously have a pre-existing mental condition to beleive in the steaming pile of dogmatic bullshit…

it is an s.o.s. sent out telepathically, signs of our distress don’t allow complacency, we need restoration now of our integrity and a drastic bold reminder of our morality, the rectifying troop is here, the ones we’ve needed all these years to stop the heinous wrongdoings and verify our moral benevolence as a people operation, operation rescue, they’re here to right our fall, they’ve heard a troubled call, operation, operation rescue, you wonder where they come from, but i just wonder why they’re here at all, ya-ya-ya-ya-ya (x3) ya-ya-ya-ya life ever-after is what they’re in business for, see them brandish the key to their kingdom’s door, it’s persuasive, it’s a part of you and me but it’s not overwhelming as they wish it to be, if no one believed in fairy tales, there’s nothing they could do but fail yet everywhere we look someone is trying to reassure our moral benevolence as a people, operation, operation rescue, they’re here to right our fall, they’ve heard someone’s troubled call, operation, operation rescue, you wonder where they come from, but i just wonder what compels them all, operation, operation rescue, operation, operation rescue, you may wonder where they come from, but i just wonder what compels them all, ya-ya-ya-ya-ya (x3) – Operation Rescue, Bad Religion

More Atheists in Foxholes

June 1, 2004: The old adage that there are “no atheists in foxholes” does not appear to apply as much as it used to. It turns out that the active duty troops in the American armed forces are somewhat less religious than the population as a whole. 

Americans over all are 78 percent Christian, 1.3 percent Jewish, .5 percent Moslem, .4 percent Hindu, 13 percent unknown or none and the rest various other sects and faiths. But the troops are 55 percent Christian, .3 percent Moslem, .27 percent Jewish, .04 percent Hindu, .24 percent Buddhist and 34 percent unknown or no preference. Part of this may be a generational thing, as the troops are younger than the population as a whole. People become more religious as they get older. Another factor is probably education, as the high education standards for recruits means those in uniform have several years more formal education than their civilian peers. More literate too, as people in uniform read at a level a full year ahead of civilians. As people become more educated, they tend to be less religious. 

Read the full article here
Thanks to Guav for pointing out this article…

New G5 architecture…

The Busy Girl Buys Beauty – Billy Bragg
All Pigs Must Die – Death In June

Read only if you are a mac geek, freak, faggot, or junkie…

The Power Mac G5 architecture is about to recieve a major overhaul. Apple sometimes prepares stock photography of products prior to their release. With revisions of the Power Mac G5 previously scheduled to arrive months ago, source said it is likely that these photos could represent an overview of the new 90-nanometer Power Mac G5, now destined for a late June introduction…