this runs through our veins…

You’re Better Off Dead – Children of Bodom
I Turned Into A Martian – The Misfits
Trigger – In Flames
Nothing In Vain – Most Precious Blood
My Design – Strike Anywhere
Hybrid Moments -The Misfits
Above The Law – Raid
Asphixiate – Earth Crisis
Lifetime – Outspoken
Gone Sour – The Promise
Burial – Septic Death
A Life Less Plagued – Carry On
Outsider – Rocket From The Crypt
Consumed – Ringworm
Talon of Dominion – Assuck
Coptic Times – 108

So I have been so busy I haven’t had a chance to update this fucking thing. Wednesday Jahanna and I went to see fucking Saves The Day. I am a Grown Ass Man (as Jahanna says) amongst a sea of children, I still had fun. We got there as they played there first song and dipped right at it was over… thankfully we didn’t have to put up with any opening band, there is only some much singing about teenage heartache that I can take in one evening.

From there we went to find Cara at some bar in JP. No luck. So Jahanna and I went to Spike’s and made ourselves sick. From there we went to Blackout bar to say happy birthday to a friend. While there I got the rage and Jahanna made me go inside… saw some people I haven’t seen in a while which is good. Saw a band play which was not good. It’s funy how sketchy some people are… some suspensions where confirmed, Jahanna and I laughed. We took off to meet Marquis, TimBomb and company at the fucking Model… TimBomb has a fucking moustache. We played a 4 person game of Buck Hunter, I came in 3rd, sadly I was the only sober one playing…
When we got home, we decided to go to the 100 Demons video shoot in lovely Waterbury, CT in the morning. Of course Jahanna was on time to pick us up and my fat ass was still sleeping.

Bye the time we (Tre, Thomas, Jahanna, and I) got there it was noon. It was good to see F-Sean and Big E. We hung out for a while and quickly got bored and went to Chili’s, which was a fucking horrible idea. For some reason we all felt like shit afterwards. Back at the set Jahanna and I quickly got bored again and decided to hit the mall to find a birthday present. We found everyone in Waterbury is fucking fat, or at least at this fucking trashy as low rent mall we went too…
we wanted airbrush. they take 24 hours.
we wanted name plate necklaces. again 24 hours.
what the fuck.

We then went to the grocery store to get a delicious beverage… I got a huge as Bananna Strawberry smoothie, which I must say, was like pouring concrete directly into my stomach. fucked.

Back to the video shoot. Lots of thugs, pitbulls, and generallly leatheresque people. Thomas got invlovled, Tre and I just watched, Jahanna just text messaged…

The way home brought Taco Bell, Thomas and I gaying off, and massive rain that made Jahanna angry…

Came home to 5000 voice mails. Went to sleep.



I walk alone
wondering how
the stars (no more)
on here

passingly through
electric lights (of smoggy skies)
casting yellow paste
tortured bees

with solitude
(of a slave)
smearing and scraping
to finish
the day

never to know the
endlessly white
of a starfire night


I’m thankful to know such a gifted, ingenious, inspired, inventive, prolific, ravishing,
and stunning mind…

arma angelus

Now i lay(with everywhere around)
me(the great dim deep sound
of rain;and of always and of nowhere)and
what a gently welcoming darkestness–

now i lay me down(in a most steep
more than music)feeling that sunlight is
(life and day are)only loaned:whereas
night is given(night and death and the rain

are given;and given is how beautifully snow)

now i lay me down to dream of(nothing
i or any somebody or you
can begin to begin to imagine)

something which nobody may keep.
now i lay me down to dream of Spring
– e e cummings (as dictated by an angel)

these are not “special rights” these are fucking equal rights

from CNN and AP
RICHMOND, Virginia (AP) — Activists rallied in cities across the eastern state of Virginia to protest a new law that critics said could nullify legal contracts between same-sex couples.

The state law, which goes into effect Thursday, prohibits civil unions, partnership contracts or other arrangements “purporting to bestow the privileges or obligations of marriage.”

Critics said it could be used to nullify medical directives, wills, joint bank accounts and other agreements between gay and lesbian couples.

“[The law] clearly states that gay and lesbian people in this state should not feel welcome,” said Dyana Mason, executive director of Equality Virginia, the state’s largest gay rights organization. “It seeks to strip the only tool that gay and lesbian couples have to protect their families.”

Mason spoke at a rally in Richmond on Wednesday that drew more than 400 gay and lesbian activists and supporters to the Capitol grounds. Simultaneous rallies were held in Norfolk, Charlottesville, Fredericksburg, Fairfax, Staunton and Roanoke, drawing more than 1,000 people.

Virginia Attorney General Jerry Kilgore has said the law provides a needed safeguard for the institution of marriage, and does not deprive anyone of rights to enter into contracts such as wills or other agreements between homosexual couples.

But Gov. Mark R. Warner, a Democrat, issued a statement condemning the law, which he refused to sign.

“This law raises serious constitutional issues and it places Virginia outside the mainstream of other states when it comes to respecting individual liberty,” he said.

Kent Willis, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Virginia, said his group was working with others to legally challenge the law. He said it was so vaguely worded that it could be used against heterosexuals of the same sex who enter into legal agreements with each other.

Kilgore has vowed to defend the law if challenged.

The conservative Family Foundation said in a statement that gay rights groups are “willing to frighten and mislead their supporters simply to further their own political agenda.”

“All the rallies in the world won’t change the fact that this law passed with a bipartisan supermajority of the General Assembly,” said Victoria Cobb, spokeswoman for the group.