So my CD player in my car decided to stap working the other day. At lunch today I decided to take it to Bestbuy because they are listed as an authorized Kenwood repair center. Apparently they only fix Kenwood if you purchase Bestbuys 4 year warranty. Fucking waste. They send me to a place called Tweeters. I get to my car to find my doors locked and my keys still in the ignition. I AM FUCKING AWESOME

“when we have each other, we have everything”

Altar of Sacrifice – Slayer
Driftwood – Travis
In The Flesh – Entombed
The New Hangout Condition – Karate
Born Again – Born Against
Hoho Schule – Morser

McKaig, Grez DNA, Claire, Jonas, Me, Jahanna, Rob, Jen & Kenn24

Since McKaig was in town we all decided to gather together and break bread. We all met at Diva’s in Davis Square on Friday night. This happens far to little. Back in Atlanta we would get together every week and have “Dragon Dinner” and all hang out loosely built around the night 90210 was on. Needless to say its good to get people together especially ones you see far too little of. We had an amazing meal. Sick Crew. Alison and Catherine stopped by for a minute and snapped an amazing picture to eternalize the night.

We hung out in Davis Square for a while telling stories and eating ice cream. When people started to dip, Jonas, Kenn24 and I decided to hit a midnight showing of Anchorman since my dumb ass hadn’t seen it yet.

13 days and still no iBook getting fucking pissed here…

I am such an idiot. I have gone toy crazy-

I somehow randomly got two to of these this weekend…

and I bought this…


Riding Giants

My primary reason for making Riding Giants is that I simply wanted to see a film like this. The success of Dogtown and Z-Boys opened up the financial doors of possibility in relation to my launching another documentary and I was interested in pursuing a film about surfing, a film that presented surfing within a context, and a film that I hope answers one of the main questions which has always plagued surfing: why people choose to devote their entire lives to the pursuit of riding waves.
– Stacy Peralta

Go see this movie! Fucking amazing!

Battle Royale

“At the dawn of the Millenium, the nation collapsed. At 15% unemployment, 10 million were out of work, 800,000 students boycotted school. The adults lost confidence, and fearing the youth, eventually passed the ‘Millenium Educational Reform Act’…AKA: The BR Act.”
– Introduction to Battle Royale

Battle Royale, a film by the veteran Japanese director Kinji Fukasaku, tells the story of a dystopic future in which each year, a randomly-selected 9th grade class is kidnapped and sent to a deserted island where they are equipped with weapons and are forced to kill each other until one survivor is left. The movie, which premiered in Japan on December 16, 2000 amidst much controversy, is based on a bestselling novel by Koushun Takami.

I had forgotten how absolutely fucking brutal this movie is…
I’ve had BRII sitting around my house for about 6 months now and I decided to watch it last night.
There are several different versions of both BR and BRII ranging from like $9.99 for VCD and up to $40 for some high end DVDs with tons of extras…just do yourself a favor and get a hold of it.

Like a razor to the bone…

Public Embarrassment Blues – The Angels of Light
Expectations (YOUTH OF TODAY) – Backstabbers, Inc.
The Fine Line Between Evil And Apathy – The Dream Is Dead

Doom Riders played Blackout Bar last night…
fucking awesome.

Very awesome surprise to walk in and see McKaig hanging out…

I’ve gotten way too much music lately…
fucking overload.


We’re Not Ciminals – Stars & Stripes
Ready To Fight – Madball
Waterfall – The Stone Roses
Killing Star (Superbia Luxuria XXX) – The Crown
No Prisoners – Carry Nation
No Man’s Woman – Sinéad O’Connor

I finally got this!

Still at the North Shore Apple Store.
8 days and counting.

Jahanna, Ezra, and I hit the mall last night and I scored some much needed jeans…
Somehow I wear a 31 now.
I ripped my prized Jamie Thomas C1’s yesterday while I was assembleling some shot ass shelves for the Bridge Nine warehouse.

Serial BoxGo here to acquire all your serial numbers…

…took a blunt lie and gouged out his mind…

There was this friend of mine, needed something we couldn’t give convenient
answers and a cheap way out killed himself without actually dying, took a
blunt lie and gouged out his mind And I can’t accept that he’s found the
answers to those questions I’ll be trying to solve until I die And I can’t
accept that he’s somehow “better off” because the answers aren’t that simple
we always assumed he wasn’t either and I want his beautiful religion to burn
because Steve’s dead… I wasn’t offered the chance to say goodbye.
Eulogy, Born Against


ISIS – Oceanic Remixes vol. 1 + 2

ISIS – Oceanic Remixes vol. 1 + 2
Go get these 2 records…
fucking amazing

Death Cab For Cutie have recorded a four-song EP exclusively for Apple’s iTunes Music Store. The Seattle rock band’s “Studio X Sessions” EP includes new versions of “The New Year,” “Blacking Out the Friction,” “Bend to Squares” and “Army Corps of Architects.”
Alkaline Trio also just realesed one…
I need them.

“I know my family is there for me, and without them where the hell would I be?”- Pride, Madball

Pride – Madball
Roar of the Forest Rose to Thunder – Old Man Gloom
I, The Jury – Vegan Reich
Hellraiser (Psychopath 02) – Suicide Commando
At Dawn They Sleep – Slayer
Genesis – Agnostic Front
Rorrim – Horror Show
Gate 68 – Kid Dynamite
Dead Souls – Joy Division
Gone With The Sin – Him

So my iBook is still in the shop…
Friday found me eating some god damned amazing Thai food. Met up with Jahanna and Cara at Burrito Max, then we walked up to Newburry Street where I scored this sick crew of Dunny’s…

ran into Erik, The Blondes, and Thorns and we all decided to go to Spike’s…

Went to see Mastadon on Saturday, which is always fucking awesome. My dumbass forgot to leave my knife in the car and had to hide it in a drainage pipe next to the club. We decided to go to the movies with the Walls of Jericho kids after the show. Manchurian Canidate was the unfortunate peice of shit that we decided to waste our time and money on…
the large black man that Jonas called out for kicking his chair, and the weird ass girl who decided to tell Candice that her band was awesome in the middle of the movie provided far more entertainment than the film itself. After the movie I got dropped off on Lansdowne so I perform a little recon mission on my knife, at his point its about 2 am and all the bars have emptied out flooding the streets with whores, scamps, jocks, euro trash, and other shining examples of life in New England, oh yeah and cops, lots of cops. After about 20 minutes of milling around by myself and being annoyed I decided to just say fuck it and grab the fucking thing in front of everyone…

Sunday brought the gym and some good company and Some Kind of Wonderful on AMC…