New Vegan Protein

Big day. I found some new vegan protein, intial taste test is all positive. This fills the void left by Kashi after they dicontinued there ‘GoLean’ powder…

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  1. Hardcore Shirt Says:

    Vega is another good one. More of a whole food meal replacement, but packed full of everything you need, including 26g of protein.

  2. shane Says:

    What’s the protein content per serving?

    My protein powder of choice is GNC’s Soy Protein 95

  3. jt Says:

    do you stir that into your postum?

  4. Jeff J Jawk Says:

    Shane!, there is 29g per serving…
    but this is not Soy, it’s Pea, Cranberry, and Hemp. I use this with another Soy Protein powder, combined with my soy milk the shake I make comes in at over 60g of protein which I know my body can’t absorb it all but I like that I am not getting it all from a soy source….

    I have wanted to try the Vega but that shit is expensive…

  5. Hardcore Shirt Says:

    Yeah, the Vega is definitely expensive. I got a hookup at a health food store so I get about $20 off. If that ever falls apart… :(

  6. shane Says:

    60g in one serving?! Post-workout, I assume?

    (I gotta get you the URL of this site where you can customize your own (vegan) protein powders. It rules but the name escapes me at the moment.)

  7. shane Says:

  8. Dustin Says: – Raw, Sprouted, fermented brown rice protein. And a super fine powder to boot. Get into it. Word.

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