Chokehold “Tooth & Nail” 7″

Digging through the Jawk Records vaults recently as I have had some kids emailing about some records had led me to find some gems. Here is the Chokehold “Tooth & Nail” 7″ on orange/pink limited to 50.

I am ebaying this one.

I pressed and never released a 2nd pressing on clear with no labels that I was going to take to Europe with Indecision when I got a job at the last minute and ended staying home. Pushead had done this with the 16 “Crystal” record and I love the way it looked.


  1. Any chance of re-uploading the master Mp3s to this in 320 as your old link has expired? (Mediafire never expires their links if you’re interested)

  2. Ambrose

    What exactly is the pressing info on this? I have a clear copy with no labels like the one pictured above.

  3. Borja

    Hi Jeff!!
    I’m Borja, from Spain.
    I’m looking for different press editions of Chokehold and I’ve see you have some rare like the transparent vinyl or orange/pink. If you still have some for sale or trade please contact with me.

    Thanx a lot, Borja.

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