1. gray

    did i have a “god” sticker on my car when Kron backed into it and decided to drive away? that would explain him leaving the scene of a crime.

    isn’t the real issue here that somebody is such a terrible driver that they’re running into parked cars? that’s just as egregious an error in judgement as posting that sticker on the van was/is.

  2. Lindsey

    1. I kid you not. Surprise!!!!!!!
    2. Yes, she is a terrible driver. I think it’s genetic because I too am a seriously awful driver in terms of hitting immobile objects.

  3. billy told me that you were christian and that you deserved it, so we fled.

    i also backed into a mercedes when jjj and i were driving (separately) to radiobomb, it was during a tech basketball game and it was witnessed by a mob of police, as they shouted at me to stop and pull over i executed a 3-point turn and backed into jjj’s car, he then sped off.

  4. Billy

    I was an innocent passenger. But if I recall, I think it happened like this,
    “um…Kron…you just hit Gray’s car.”
    “Yeah, I know.”
    “um, okay.”

  5. gray

    the truth comes out!

    although, you’re “perfect crime” was easily foiled when, not 15 minutes after discovering my mangled automobile, i encountered your sled parked in front of whatever hardcore show we were not carpooling to and noticed the burgandy paint job was an exact match to the paint chips left embedded in the side panel of my once mint whip.

    it was a difficult case, but it’s now closed, and i’m checking into the statute of limitations right now.

  6. hahaha. I love this thread…
    I witnessed both Kron smash-ups.

    I also destroyed graybeez badminton net. I hate sports. I couldn’t stand to see good decent, punk and hardcore kids expending energy in “un-naturual” sports activities with the exception of moshing…
    Direct Action was the only solution… I drove right through that net…

  7. i thought that was just clearing the line of fire to spray will green with lead pellets when he showed up at the godless red, classic city.

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