Houston Airport…

Sitting at the Houston airport, halfway through my journey to Boston. I’ve had an turbulent week as and I am really not used to feeling of anxiousness about what my future holds. It’s not that I haven’t picked up and moved before, just never with this level of uncertainty. The move to Boston, which ironically happened 5 years ago this month, went really smoothly as I knew where I was living and who I was living with, and if I had to replace Kenn24, Ezra and Billy, Tre was the perfect fit…
I loved my time in Boston, I do feel it’s time to move on…
As it stands now, I don’t know how long I will be back in Boston, I have no idea where I will be living in NorCal…

I somehow have always been blessed with the best of friends…
and over the past few days I have hung with some great people-
RJ, Shalon, Lisa, Kim, Davey, Alex and so many more.

I did return to going to shows, which I almost all but stopped doing in Boston. In the past two days I went to 3 shows and saw some great bands, Wolves & Thieves (fucking great), Fucked Up, and Anal Cunt, who by the way fucking sucked… the best part was we somehow convinced Shalon to come to A.C. instead of working on her school work by just reading her the song titles… A.C. truly sucked but highlight of the show was Shalon standing in the back writing her own A.C.ish songs on her iPhone, I give you-

When you suck your boyfriend’s dick
Does it taste like shit?
I bet it does
You fucking bitch

He fucks guys all night
While you’re at home
Flicking your bean
All alone

If you shaved your head
And looked like a bear
Maybe he’d fuck you
In your armpit hair

Probably not
You crappy fuck
After his dick sees pussy
It smells like my cunt

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