1. Seriously, I miss these burritos and the whole feel of the restaurant in general. Best place to eat and always run into someone you know.

    The jukebox wasn’t bad either.

  2. I really miss the place too, I even have a photo of me eating my last Tortillas burrito on my bookshelf. That being said, I will say that El Myr is just as good, a bit different but just as good. People will argue but I’m the fat one around here.

  3. gray

    Raging Burrito buries all those. Tortillas was terrible, and home to world’s surliest and most annoying wait staff. Good riddance.

    Although…El Myr is also pretty good with a burrito and a shitty server…the “new” Tortillas?

  4. ok as a resident fat guy and a former tortillas employee……

    tortillas was the best spot in atlanta to eat. period.
    and the reason the waitstaff was so surly, we had to deal with the emory jocks ALL DAY. but all in all you ate a rad meal and a drink for under 5 bucks.

    rip tortillas!

    and long live the guacamole recipe that has since been passed to el myr.

  5. sean

    Well if you got bad service it was probably because you were a sell out and we could smell the booze seeping out of your pours. Also Ezra told us all to be rude to you when you came to eat there.

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