1. Neighbor

    I went in the closet today and talked to the INTEGRITY SHIRT about this and he said it was indeed RIDICKULOUS, but no mention of it being awesome. Tread lightly indeed.

    PS. It sorta looks like your wearing a poster…..

  2. noticing that there are no towels in your bathroom leads me to believe that you still like to ‘drip dry’ and get the whole bathroom soaking wet when you get out of the shower. now wonder the floor was caving in at the godless red.

  3. gray

    you think that shirt stands on it’s own due to the sheer volume of ink used to render it’s gigantic graphic, or from the amount of times jeff’s “jawked off” into it?

  4. regarding godless red conditions, do you think it is more unpleasant to find maggots living in your dirty socks or cockroaches nesting in your answering machine?

  5. This shirt will only be worn as I escort visitors through my Pushead museum…
    unless of course I get my Toyota Camry wrapped/decaled to match, then I can wear this when I drive…

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