1. gray

    yet won’t drink a beer…not to open a can of worms…but sheesh. i mean, if you’re addicted to coffee, let’s get serious.

  2. when gray proselytizes like this, he reminds me of those christian evangelicals who ‘used to be gay’ or ‘used to be hardcore’ before they found god.

  3. gray

    I suppose i just care far less about labelling myself these days. Plus, beer tastes way better than coffee. Oh, and I am still gay. But not all that hardcore.

  4. what labels are you taking about? no one mentioned ‘labelling’ [sic], so i don’t follow you.

    you make the bizarre accusation that if someone drinks coffee but doesn’t drink beer, then they aren’t being ‘serious’. do you gain an advantage in your own life by living in judgment of other people’s decisions? you feel that your decisions are only valid if other people make them as well.

  5. what do you mean you are ‘still gay’? you have a wife and kids. how many men have you been with – either had a relationship or just fucked? or was that sarcasm? it is safe for you to say ‘i’m gay’ because you’ve proven that you are not. that’s what makes it so funny. haw! haw! haw!

  6. gray

    The labels “gay” and/or “hardcore” that you used in your vignette about me being the “christian evangelical” (another label). Those descriptors, are labels. You know good and well that folks who get balls deep into Jawk Tawk are also prone to labeling themselves. Vegan straightedge, asshole atheist… you know the drill.

    My thing with the coffee is that if you drink coffee everyday, and relish that cup of coffee, and find yourself “needing” coffee to avoid getting headaches, or to “wake up”, then you’re just as addicted to it, as are 95% (facts estimated for effect) of those folks who drink beers on Friday night after work are addicted to alcohol.
    And, if you make a big deal out of NOT drinking alcohol, but then make a big deal out of drinking coffee, I do question your “seriousness”. Why bother limited what you drink? Why bother giving a shit what anyone is drinking? Why bother typing this response?
    I’ll tell you…I’m bored at work.

    To answer your second queary, yes, I do get satisfaction from judging others. It has nothing to do with validation, it’s simply a hobby I enjoy…making fun of others. You seem to spend a great deal of time critiquing as well. Do you find it enjoyable?

    Gay jokes aside…silence equals death.

  7. i didn’t label you as any of those things, i said that you proselytize as they do; you employ the same strategy to convert people to your ‘side’. i didn’t say you actually were, for example, an evangelical.

    so, are you saying if you do one thing every day, but not everything every day, then you are not ‘serious’?
    i absolutely eat raw tofu every day, i guess that’s the same as having a case of wicked ale. i absolutely feel compelled to add mileage to my cycling log every day; i guess i should have been knocking back some compari and sodas – same thing!
    that’s ridiculous.

    ‘Why bother limited what you drink?’
    i make a ‘big deal’ out of baking cupcakes; i brag about them and post photos of them on website. however, i guess you would not consider me ‘serious’ unless i also make a ‘big deal’ out of smoking some brisket or chowing on some panda loins, since i am limiting myself.

    every day use notwithstanding, do you not see the difference between drinking one beer or drinking one coffee?

    jawk used to avoid vanilla because the extract contained alcohol; maybe he still does. regardless, that was as absurd as someone saying that coffee and beer are the same thing.

  8. gray

    i would like for you explain to me the difference between drinking one beer and drinking one coffee.
    i have actually had one beer and one coffee in the very recent past, and I assure you I am still functioning at normal capacity after both.
    both of those tastes are aquired in adulthood.
    both have physiological effects on you, one a stimulant and one a barbituate, but neither have any long term effect after one cup (or stein).

    so, beyond the obvious taste difference, i don’t see a difference.

  9. gray

    coffee has caffeine. tit for tat.
    can you please explain what is wrong with alcohol, and why exactly coffee is the superior beverage?
    i’m all ears.

  10. gray

    i must have missed something.
    i’m still not convinced that beer is bad and coffee is good, and have found no evidence in your missives to make me think otherwise. that makes absolutely no sense. you have merely pointed out that the two beverages are not, in fact, the sam, and that i’m similar to an christian evangelist.

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