Coen Brothers…

…were on sale. Picked up a few missing classics.

“I’ll be taking these Huggies and whatever cash ya got.” – H.I. McDonnough

“Nothing more foolish than a man chasin’ his hat.” – Tom Reagan

“I gotta tell you, the life of the mind… There’s no roadmap for that territory… And exploring it can be painful.” – Barton Fink


  1. gray

    what’s with the Hitler book in the background? racist!

    i’ve recently gotten into the argument with a couple of folks about which is better; raising arizona or big lebowski. i say the former, but most think it’s the latter. i tend to chalk it up to a different generation.
    “these ballons blow up into funny shapes?”

  2. The book is The Hidden Hitler, documenting HItler’s homosexuality and the impact on his “career”.

    As far as Raising Arizona vs. The Big Lebowski- I am stumped. I recently became a fan of Raising Arizona, as I didn’t really appreciate it until rewatching it within the past 5 years…
    I will say it is more subtle than The Big Lebowski but the later I do find more quotable…
    and Aimee Mann is in it. I’ll call it a draw…

  3. the has agreed that the big lebowski is the superior film but would enjoy a lengthy debate positioned on either side.

    john “you mean coitus?” trefry

  4. i still havent seen ‘millers crossing’ (or any movie with al pacino in it), so you might be right, but i think the argument is about their most superior comedy. i personally would have pegged grey as an ‘intolerable cruelty’ man myself.

  5. gray

    well, after finally viewing No Country For Old Men, I may be inclined to call that their greatest work of drama (although points off for perverting Cormac McCarthy’s story-line).

    Kron is correct, I was comparing Coen comedies (apples to apples and whatnot), and since both Raising Arizona and The Big Lebowski are so highly regarded, I find it odd that Lebowski has such a kvlt following whilst Raising Arizona has drifted far into the ether….farther than I had ever dreamed before.

    Again, I would never discount The Big Lebowski, it is truly a fine movie, but I find Raising Arizona superior in it’s pacing, characters, and bizarre factor.

    “You ate what?”
    “We ate sand.”

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