Package O’ Pus

Scored the illustrious “52 Weeks” Skullpirate
addressed by the man himself

“The Black Unknown” Slullpirate

Inside the header card

Hand Spray Painted by Pushead

HSP Damnedron 6/34 and his little brother…

In other Pushead news, Gray sent this over-

“Californian photographer Glen E. Friedman used to send Brian Schroeder, an artist in the ’80s hardcore scene, records Schroeder couldn’t find at home in Idaho. As thanks, Schroeder sent mix tapes such as this one. Enlarge to see the full song list.”¬†

From an article on NPR about tape trading
check it out here


  1. BobDuher

    Love this hsp. I think it’s the best of all the hsp pirates. I would trade both my black bag pirates for yours.

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