Boston > Cupertino

Great set up.

8 Responses to “Boston > Cupertino”

  1. tony Says:

    Windoze blowz

  2. saucemaster Says:

    Windoze blowz

    agreed. if you are running anything – at all – other than debian, you are a pussy.

  3. j Says:

    if you are running anything – at all – other than debian

    what about red hat?

  4. saucemaster Says:

    what about red hat?

    are you suggesting that ron golem and saucemaster c. 2000 aren’t pussies?

  5. j Says:

    who was ron golem? was that eric mcnevin’s friend with the dick mud flap/pussy gut?

    saucemaster c.2000 was clearly not a pussy.

    it is arguable whether kron was.

  6. j Says:

    crud… can a brother get some code shortcuts?!



  7. saucemaster Says:

    i can’t see those links?!

  8. gray Says:

    the wrk grp takes some needed time off from calculating my margin of victory on the 2006 dead pool to regulate some jawktawlk.

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