June 28, 1975 – August 16, 2006

As rumours have started to spread we feel obliged to confirm Jon Nödtveidt’s death.
Jon Nödtveidt was a man who lived his life according to his convictions and True Will. A couple of days ago he chose to end his life by his own hands. As a true Satanist he led his life in the way he wanted and ended it when he felt that he had fulfilled his self-created destiny. Not everyone will have understanding or acceptance for his personal path in this life and beyond, but all must respect his choice.

Those of us who have met him in his last days can assure that he was more focussed, happier and stronger than ever. It is our full conviction that he left this world of lies with a scornful laughter, knowing that he had fulfilled everything that he had set up for himself to accomplish. The empty space that he leaves behind will be filled with the dark essence that he manifested through his life and black-magical work. His legacy and Luciferian Fire will live on through those few who truly knew him and appreciated his work for what it really was and still is. As our brother’s goal in life and death never was to “Rest in Peace”, we will instead wish him victories in all battles to come, until the Acosmic Destiny has been fulfilled.

For the glory of the Dark Gods and the Wrathful Chaos!

Previous from the Dissection website.
Jon Nödtveidt sang for at one time was an amazing band, Dissection. STORM OF THE LIGHT’S BANE is possilbly my favorite metal album of all time. After it’s release Jon spent 7 years in person because he and a friend tortured and murdered a man, a 37 year old Algerian homosexual, whom they claim inquired about occultism, as he was interested in becoming a Satanist. Both Jon and Vlad were so disgusted by the man that they got drunk and high, beat him, tortured him with a taser then, when that didn’t stop him and he tried to escape with his life, Jon shot him in the back of the head execution style. Jon got a 10 year sentence, released after 7 with many a satanic lyric under arm after 7 years of writing he was ready to release a new record. No original member of Dissection wanted anything to do with him. Jon assembled some scabs from across Europe, recently released a fucking horrible record which no one bought or cared about. Then kills himself. What an asshole.

From Wikipedia:

On the 16th of August 2006, he was found dead by an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound inside a circle of lit candles. Dissection’s official website later confirmed his death.

Early reports indicated that he was found with an open copy of the Satanic Bible, but these were later dismissed by Dissection’s guitarist Set Teitan. According to him, “it’s not any atheist, humanist and ego-worshipping ‘Satanic Bible’ by Anton LaVey that Jon had in front of him, but a Satanic Grimoire. He despised LaVey and ‘Church of Satan’


  1. august has been a shitty month for metal:

    1 – John Nodtveidt – Dissection
    2 – Otto – Setherial/In Battle
    3 – Kvarforth – Shining/Diabolicum
    4 – Jesse Pintado – Napalm Death/Terrorizer

    and the number 5:

    After the departure from Hells Metal Festival in Germany the Bestial crew went to Sweden Rock Festival, where Bundy and Devilpig ended up in a fight. Due to Devilpigs high alcohol consumation he ended up in a coma after the fight and 2 days later he was confirmed as dead and the doctors pulled the plug! His last wish was that “Chainsaw Fucking Down the Church” would be played on bagpipe, this will not happen and…

    Bestial Mockery have now went down into the grave!

    There will still be several releases out in the coming year since much is recorded. But now you must fuck off!

    /Bestial Mockery

    ps- enjoy the blog. long time lurker, first time commenter.

  2. Gray

    I admire the reverential tone Beastial Mockery has reserved in order to properly pay tribute to their fallen commrade. Cheers.

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