1. i prefer the glow-in-the-dark IOU windbreaker you scored from the merrygoround that was going out of business during the world reknowned inkwell tour. geezus that was ages ago.

  2. gray

    not seen in photograph:

    1. sawed off riot shotgun under mattress.
    2. tom metzger WAR newsletter on nightstand.
    3. jenna jameson’s greatest “hits” dvd, in dvd player.
    4. “gatlin gun” style 300 disc changer in stereo, filled to the brim with an equal mix of; sugar, moonspell, farside (for the ladies), bolt thrower, and of course, skrewdriver.

    those were heady times.

  3. gray

    speaking of the “Neighbor Archives”, i was playing music yesterday with James Joyce and the Freezer Pleaser, when after jamming out a couple old Regicide numbers, the Please mentioned that Neighbor had a clutch of cool old Regicide pictures.

    if available, please post…

    and as for me checking the interweb at 8:15 on a saturday morning…hadn’t we all been awake for a few hours at that point, or am i the only one with small children who have no respect for the weekend?

  4. From what I remember there was about 20 pairs of shoes under that bed when we moved out. I didnt know Jawk had a shoe fetish. Next to the bed would have been a 44 oz Quick Trip drink and maybe a half eaten box of fruit pastries from Cub Foods. On the bed would have been two or three GI Joes in various stages of costume change. Remember when those girls caught you playing with your Joes.

    Good Times.


  5. am i the only one with small children who have no respect for the weekend?


    were you guys jamming riffs for ‘black piedmont’? or whatever your dark arts manifestation shall be named?

  6. Last month, for example, 14-year-old Judy Cajuste was found strangled and naked in a Newark, N.J., garbage bin. Police seized a computer from her bedroom after friends said she told them of a man in his 20s she met on MySpace. The death remains unsolved.

    are you still in your 20s?

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