You: Hot Chick At BSC – 30

Music: The Freeway – Red Sparowes

So someone (whom I can only assume is some guido jabroni from his spectacular choice or language) left as MISSED CONNECTION thingy on Craig’s List pertaining to Martha (my fucking hot girlfriend). Here it is:

You: Hot Chick At BSC – 30
Reply to: ——@———-.——-
Date: 2004-05-18, 11:09PM EDT

You were the hot chick with brown hair, slender, tall and tattoos on both upper arms. We kept running into each other. i wanted to say hi, but was too shy. If you are reading this, hit me up.

I don’t know what is wierder
– The fact that this guy thought it was a good idea to post on Craig’s List, he obviously knows where to find her, they go to the same gym
– The use of the work “CHICK”, sick bro, more than likely you wear a visor
– That this thing was even seen…Jess what the fuck are you doing reading missed connections?

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